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hokey doodle oxy eyes

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well I just came in from shovelling my darlings.....a fresh foot and a half and the banks are so high you cannot throw it up any longer.....the wind is out of the north east and drifting...our town is shut down and shut off....no highways open

ever since oxy if I go out in the cold I get thousands of little hot needles on the eye balls and I had on a balaclava and Goggles!!!!!

hellllllllppppp someone send a fancy drink with an umbrella ....it's -15

and oxy users watch those eyes.....not kidding

hugs mags

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i dont see how you do it.i go tend to my horses in only 20 degree weather and after about 10 minutes my fingers are burning off.i even use gloves but it doesnt help.i guess get you a good book and snuggle in a favorite blanket.hugs to you...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Joined: Jun 2006

have a look at expressions.....you will see my hubby...I know it's really hard in the cold with the left over oxy stuff....who knew it would last so long....

looking for a book now....always have a blanket

love to you


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its a heatware here, hope this helps.

the eye needles really scare me, how can they make adrug with such bizzare side effects?

its so hot the kids and i got some tubs of icecream and lollies from the supermarket on the way home tonight. I could NOT hold the icecream tubs but the kids could.

so we got home and blended the icrecream and lollies to make a dessert here we call a storm. Its heaps cheaper than going to the take away. I had the kids left overs and just got a mild throat tingle.

lots of love from the oxy brother downunder,


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Posts: 2585
Joined: Jun 2006

ahhhhh thanks Petey....feeling the warmth

Lollies?????? see I told you you would need a colonial translator.....teheheh

hugs.....mags....yes the eyes are like a sandstorm

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By the way , took a look to the pics of your cottage, beutifull and nice decoration! is there where you stay right now?.

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Hi Mags... I remember one time opening the freezer and feeling like a 10000 needles in my face. AHHHHHHH


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