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Worst Snow Storm -- in 50 years 2/1/11 -- Blizzard

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Chicago, MidWest .. ice, snow -- Please take care and be safe.

How are you all coping ????

Strength, Courage and Heat -

Vicki Sam

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Jean 0609
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It is hitting our New England sisters now. :(

Luckily it missed us this time.

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hitting us new england sisters with vengeance. Here in Maine 10-16 inches but right now we already have 8 inches and it is not letting up for a long time so I think we will be getting a lot more than what they are calling for.

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It's -40 windchill and I don't want to venture out but I have too have my brain MRI today. I plowed snow for two days straight, now with the wind I need to go plow again, maybe the hospital is a better place to be today :)
Freezing in South Dakota,

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Please be careful Kari. I am pulling for you. Let us know how you do.

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I'm in New Jersey. We have 1" or so of ice . The wind is picking up and now branches are falling and knocking out power.

We are looking at another round on Saturday of wintery mix.


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We got hit pretty hard, too - but today the sun is shining! Lovely, but deceiving, with very cold temps to continue for a couple of days. The wind yesterday created some very interesting patterns in the snow, it's drifted into a bowl-shape as tall as, and around, my AC unit. I had to carry my poor little dog out to "her" spot this morning - she just couldn't plow through it! LOL


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Yes but the groundhog said it will be an early spring!

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Let's hope that little rodent knows what he is talking about. I personally never trust anything related to rats but hopefully he is correct. Just what is his percentage of success in projecting winter anyway?
All of you that are experiencing this horrid weather, be safe, be warm, be well fed and be careful if you have to venture out. I sincerely hope it ends soon.

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BUT only right 39% of the time. I don't believe him at all.

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will be telling the weather gods to send you all some of our Summer sun from NZ to help you guys out!

Stay safe and warm lovely ladies :)


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Gosh, Rague, if we had the type of success workwise we would be looking for other jobs. Does he know something about someone and that is how he stays in his job? We need to investigate. Replace him with another more reliable, smarter animal. Maybe a burrowing owl. They live in the ground and owls are supposed to be wise. Let's start a petition. Who's on board?
Again, I do hope the weather gets better and all of you, please be safe and careful.

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Here in the heart of Texas we do not have any snow but boy is it cold. Down to 14-16 this morning in this area, supposed to be 9-11 in the morning and not above freezing until Fri. We are having wind chills below zero. The power company is doing rolling brownouts so the power is of for about 15 minutes every 2-3 hrs. Some locations are out completely and have been most of the day. I know so many of you have it much worse. Stay warm and God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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im in illinois lots of ice and snow here i tried to go to work today no way . i could not even get out of the drive.


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I'm so tired of the kids having off. As I look out my window snow is halfway up it due to the snow blower having no where else to put it. We have 20 foot piles at the end of the driveway. It's crazy and depressing....

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Snow and ice and everything you can imagine here in Pennsylvania. Hope my PA buddies are doing ok. Cindy

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Snow still coming down in Northwest Indiana. We have about 24 inches and dangerous wind chills are on the way tonight. Trying to entertain the kids, looks like another snow day tomorrow. Can't wait till spring!

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Ice is everywhere in DFW area of Texas. I do not like this at all!!! The ice layer is so thick when you walk it doesnt even crack on the grass!!! It's so cold and these black outs are for the birds!!!!

I am preparing for tomorrow by making muffins.... just in case we are without electric again. Laying blankets in the windows and around the doors.

Will have to venture out again tomorrow to get some comfort food, if there is any left at the grocery LOL

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We are snowed in. Chicago got hit really bad. Heavy snow and now there calling for wind chills to -30. Have to look for the car tomorrow, Its under the snow in the drive way. Yep ready for spring.

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is I'm SOOOOO grateful for snow blowers! I can't imagine having to shovel our driveway by hand! There was so much snow. The wind didn't help either!

For all who are about to get it...stay safe and warm!



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Christmas Girl
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This morning, our local (Chicago) TV news media used the term: SNOW-ICANE. We had 70+ miles per hour winds along the lakefront, 60+ within the city - where I'm at. Over 2' of snow, total so far. Got a bit of a break today; but, more snow predicted for the next five days straight. Sheesh...

Outside, the drifts look like snow dunes. In some parts of my backyard, 4'-5' - not kidding. Deepest drifts reported within the city at 12'!!!

Not complaining - we're safe & warm.

Kind regards, Susan

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coping with the bad weather be safe, keep warm, curl up with a good book and some hot chocolate.


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