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Does anybody knows anything about Luv2lunch (Linda&Mom) !

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Not posting here since a while!!!!!

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I wish I could tell you. She pm'd me a while back, her Mom was doing very well.
I PM'd her back, but haven't heard back from her again.
I too am hoping all is well.
Winter Marie

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I think their names are Linda + Ellie.

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had an e-mail from her then and all seemed fine.

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regular PMs from them and they seem to be doing fine. Maybe Linda will post in response to update us.

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She's stayed in contact - last communique I had from her was that "all is well."

She says she's not on as much, things are going better for her mom right now. I'm sure we'll see her around when she's ready.


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Just heard from Linda and responded back that you and some of the folks here were wondering about her and Ellie. From her message sounds like all is well with her mom.

Hope she will stop in.

Marie who loves kitties

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and like the rest said that mom and her were doing well......they are both great individuals...........Buzz

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Hi everybody,
We are ok. Sorry we haven't been around. Still come here everyday to check up though. And Miss Ellie has her "p"'rs going around for you all.
Mom moved back to her own house about 2 weeks ago after being with us for 9 months, which I am still trying to cope with. Going from being a constant care giver, to her not really needing me anymore has been kind of tough. But I'm really happy she has found her independence again. I'm fortunate that she only lives 15 minutes away and I can see her as much as I want, but it's not the same.
I guess I just needed some time to sort out my feelings. Thank you guys for everything.
Mom goes for a second PET scan next month and hopefully things will be clear again.
She had an ultrasound of her leg and the blood clot is dissolving. She will need to be on the Coumadin for another 3 or 4 months.
Thanks again everyone. I will let you all know how things are going more often.
Take care,
P.S. Thanks Pepe

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Hugs to both!

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