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Happy Year of the Rabbit

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It's "New Year's Eve" in Hong Kong -- much excitement as we head into a four day weekend for Lunar New Year.

Because of the holidays, my chemo got bumped back a week (i.e. I have three weeks between treatments this time, instead of two) -- yeeha!! A wonderful gift for me....

It is a wonderful holiday here -- filled with family, friends, flowers,and food!

Wishing everyone a Happy Year of the Rabbit -- may it bring you happiness and peace


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In the year of the Rabbit, may it find you much peace and even more happiness!!!!
Winter Marie

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I love rabbits!! This has got to be a sign that it is going to be a great year!!

Have a wonderful time with your family and friends and enjoy that extra week's break :D :D

Haaaaaaaappppy New Year!!


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Hop, Hop, Hoppity Hop, Hop, Hop, dang it, like the rabbit, I don't know when to quit. Innuendo's acknowledged.
Winter Marie

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The Year of the Rabbit.........

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We celebrated in my class today. Hoping and praying it will be a good year. I'm the year of the rabbit. :)



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Celebrating Chinese New Year here in New Jersey :) gong hei faat choy!!! (Happy New Year in Cantonese Chinese)

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Happy Year of the Rabbit to you!

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