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Once a Month Celebration

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Darn it, tired of drama. So hereby I give myself permission to have a once a month celebration. Yes, a celebration every single month. Not just an ordinary celebration, no, a celebration of a friend on the cancer network.
So, for me, the first weekend of every month I will plan on a celebration, a celebration of the lives of one of my cancer network friends.
February, this Saturday will be my first celebration. I am choosing people out of a hat, yes, democratically.
This isn't a popular vote celebration, it's everyone that I see posting on the colon board, I've tossed you in a hat, and tonight, I'm pulling out the first name.
So even on short notice, (okay) so this weekend I'm having the party since it is short notice, on Sunday (um being the super bowl party weekend, but hey, what better day to celebrate?) instead of Saturday (I have invited guests already) and the VERY FIRST EVER (well for me at least) ONCE A MONTH CELEBRITY is:::: (drum roll)


Hmmm, will be very busy at the dollar store buying starfish, sea shells etc., (thank goodness shrimp on the bar-b was a given)

Pete you are my first celebration of the year of the lives of us, I'm am honored to honor you. So, my party this Sunday is in celebration of you, your life!!!

Winter Marie

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I love you Winter Marie.....you are the best of the best!
I missed the drama on the board, ( being the drama queen that I am I was wallowing in my own all week) (wink)....I'm thinking it's for the best that I was MIA.
But...can't wait for Sunday, Yay Pete!
Having a Bday arty for my Mother the same day...can I bring guests? We might just all crash Petes party...teehee
I'll bring the ice...we have 7 inches of it outside right now...as long as you don't mind that its crushed ice. (o:

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We're going to be in the mid seventies this Sunday, so ice is most welcome, bring your guests on over.
Love crushed ice!!!
Pictures will be taken!!! Video of Pete's interview will be shown. Just forewarning you!!!
Winter Marie

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Dang, thats just not right...its 7 here with windchill of minus 15. Im jealous.

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I swear it's 50 outside, and here I am in my house with my down jacket on, it goes to my ankles, has a hood with faux fur, and I'm still cold (heat is turned up to a whopping 72 degrees in hopes of heating the house up). The trials and tribulations of being a Californian.
Winter Marie

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Winter Marie...this is about the sweetest thing I've heard. How thoughtful!!...And not to mention a good way to bring some different kind of fun to the day. Can I please come for Kathleen and her guy from Hawaii and have a pretty drink with an umbrella in it? he he

smiles, Gail

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You are more then welcome, Kathleen and Dick shall indeed have an umbrella drink in their honor at my house this Sunday!!!!. LOL, a Mai Tai in celebration of my Hawaiian Wedding!!!
Winter Marie

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My next umbrella drink I'll be thinking of you. Hugs!!


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Winter Marie,

You're the best! And thank you for the great honor of letting us also honor Pete by serving and umbrella drink. :) We will toast to Pete as well. Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the muic.......


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don't anyone work anymore.............LMAO..........

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I'm too busy partying!!!

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Well, enough. Seems I escaped a Cicinnati ice storm this week.


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Oooooh.... it's a Petey Party!! Hahahha... (get it?? A Pity Party - A Petey Party??) Ok, ok, I get really really pun-happy when I'm tired and it's late at night or early in the morning depending on which way the clock twirls :D

Soooo, we get to celebrate Pete!! He's going to have to sit in a big old chair and we are going to have to make a paper crown which he will have to wear all day! And then I think it's only fair that between now and then he take pictures of his home, the outside, his favourite places, etc.... and then we can put them up here in the topic, so we all can see Petey's house!! And the kids! And the wifey too! Pictures, we want pictures!! :D

This is going to be fun. And I can use the party as an excuse for heading to the chemo unit Monday morning a little bleary-eyes and slightly tipsy :D


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What a wonderful addition to the celebration!!!
Hello Pete!!!
Um, will some one break it to him, he's the celebrant of the month and needs to provide pictures for the celebration????
We have Mai Tai's on board, starfish, sea shells, video, now we need fam pics to add to the celebration!!!
Everyone in the future celebrant of the month will get a three week notice, but well, Pete's an Aussie, he can handle this short notice stuff!!!
Winter Marie

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leave it to you winter marie to think of this.i have read many of your posts and its people like you that we need on this board.i dont know pete in the sea but can i come to the party? congrats pete i always wanted to go to the land downunder!!!johnnybegood

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Winter Marie....you are a genius...ok so I will pick up all the canucks on my dog sled...and we'll just pop down for the party....like petey we speak colonial English so some translation may be necessary....

good good idea....plain simple fun.....

hugs winter marie


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Enjoy your celebration! We will be celebrating a bit her in Michigan, George is feeling pretty well now that he has this new chemo under control so he is having a few guys over for a poker game on Saturday so I am taking off with my sister and maybe a few others and going out to dinner and a stop at one of the casinos. We have not been getting out much, it is just so cold this year and with the flu season just easier and wiser for George not to be in large crowds.

Have fun - Tina

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What an honour. Its a lovelly idea Winter.

Its been a great day and how lucky I am to be the VERY FIRST EVER, ONCE A MONTH CELEBRITY.

Now days I gratefully accept all the good vibes and luck that comes my way.

I love the frame, I am soaking it in literally here in our 40 degree heatwave in Sydney.

Have a look at my photo site www.petertrayhurn.com .

the gallery cancer treatment shows odd shots of the op and things.

My underwater favourite is christms island where I won a few prizes for underwater photography. It was also my last dive holiday as when I came back I got DX'd.


I hope your BBQ will be great. You can show my little NBC movie if you have time.

In the crazy battle we all face, in my eyes we are all celebrities of the month. Anyone who posts or reads once or thousands of times.

hopefully we all benefit from this community's knowledge , love and compassion and faith ( whatever this really means ).

This place gives hope, love and support. We actaully save lives with our shared stories and experiences and laughter.

Thanks winter,

Love and rainbows,


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I have changed my avitar for a few days to celebrate your special honor!


Marie who loves kitties (and thinks Roos are cute too!)

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Nana b
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I will celebrate too, Sunday is my birthday!!

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Enjoy yourself:)

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Where do you get all your great ideas? I think this is very thoughtful of you + I hope you have lots of fun with it. Congrats, Pete!

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That is just the best idea I've heard in a long time! Wonderful!


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Now we have something ELSE to look forward to each month! YAY!

As far as the drama, stay long enough you will find that it pops up from time to time, some don't have anything better to do with their time. It will blow over soon enough, if it stops getting fed.

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Please save me a magarita with salt. MMMmmmmm! This is a great idea....love it. Blessings from Lourdes. I too decided to celebrate to my life. I will plan a motorcycle ride with my TFR friends every month if weather permits. :))

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You are a very special person Winter. Thanks for doing this.
Love you,
Linda and Miss Ellie

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