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cancer center is scheduled to be open tomorrow at 10

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Posts: 615
Joined: Jun 2009

heres hoping she can see me tomorrow and relieve my nerves!!!

& can I rewind my life about 10 years, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christmas Girl
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Joined: Apr 2009

Hoping you'll be able to see your doctor tomorrow. So you don't have to wait another day.

Kind regards, Susan

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Joined: Aug 2009

chanting away ... Open Open Open

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

MyTurnNow's picture
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Joined: Aug 2009

Libby, I hope while I am writing this that you are at your cancer center being attended to. Keep us posted and good luck.

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Jean 0609
Posts: 2462
Joined: Jun 2010

We will be right here waiting for your safe return.


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Joined: Dec 2009

Those roads are still too treacherous to drive on. Please let us know when you get back home safely. I hope the news wasn't bad but I'm worried because why else would they make you drive there? I'm praying for you.



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Joined: Aug 2009

Praying that you can see her tomorrow and that you get there safely. Your pink sisters are all praying for you Libby!

You are our shiny, bright sun on this board!

Will be watching for a new post from you.

You been doing ok? Keeping yourself busy?

Sue :)

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Joined: Oct 2009

Please update us when you can Libby!


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Joined: Dec 2008

As Aladdin said to the door on the cave, Open seseame or is it Open Says Me as Popeye said. In any case, hoping they are open and that you can be seen. Let us know what they say.
Prayers and good thoughts coming to you Libby.

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Joined: May 2009

Praying for you Libby and hoping that you can make the trip tomorrow. Don't forget to let us know.

Love, Kylez

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