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Lurker Finished Last Chemo Today

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Joined: Jul 2010

My name is Renee and today I'm NED. In Dec., 2009, I was diagnosed with stage IIIC ovarian cancer after my hysterectomy. I finished my first 6 rounds of carbo/taxol in June, 2010, and today I finished maintenance taxol! I want to thank you all for all the help you've given me. I searched topics when I had questions and found wonderful advice. I rejoiced when you got good news and cried and prayed for you when you got bad news, needed comfort, or mourned those we lost. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers every day as we all fight this monster. Thank you all.

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Happy for you. I agree. This is a great place to come for info, comfort and to let off steam.


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This is absolutely wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. Sending prayers and hugs for continued health and well-being!

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Congratulations! Keep on dancing!

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Congratulations! May God grant you many many happy years.


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Renee....we had exactly the same treatment and almost at the same time. I was diagnosed in Sept, 2009 and finished the year of Taxol maintenance in January, 2011. I am also NED and rejoicing every day that I am alive and well and able to do whatever I like.

I have met some of the bravest, wisest, most caring women in the entire world on this little board. I am delighted you have decided to come out of the closet, so to speak. We all need one another. I just wish we had met under different circumstances.


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WhoooHoo. Happy dance for you. Hope you stay NED forever.

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Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement.

This is the best place to come for support. Someone always had the same questions, concerns, fears, etc. that I had/have. I know that there are things that I can talk about here that I can't talk to my family and friends about, namely my fears. I've learned so much from all of you.

I'm celebrating this week because it would have been a chemo week. So after 14 months of chemo, no blood tests, chemo, sick days, pills, chemo taste .... I'm down to a monthly CA 125 test and seeing my doctor every 3 months. I've been blessed that my CA125 levels have always been around 2 (except for my pre-surgery one, which I don't remember what that was). It's funny, everyone has been congratulating me on finishing chemo, but I've got a feeling I'm not done with this so I haven't really been celebrating, not like you celebrate when you graduate from school. But I have been enjoying not having chemo. I pray for a long remission, like, forever.

May we all have forever remissions!


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