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I'm half way through rads

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and doing well. I've noticed a bit of fatigue and keep putting cream on my mastectomy scar and surrounding skin. The weather has been creating havoc with schedules. My cancer center will be closed tomorrow because we are going to have an ice storm. They're going to open Sunday to make up for it. My rad onc, nurse and techs are all great. I'm looking forward to ringing the bell. I should be done by mid February if Mother Nature cooperates.

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So happy for you. I was soooo lucky when I had rads, I never burned. Got a little pink but nothing else. Hoping the same for you.

Hopefully the weather will co-operate and you will be able to finish on time.



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Keep slathering on that cream--helped me tremendously. I only got a little "sunburned."

Good luck with the remainder.

Hugs, Renee

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Hoping the weather cooperates too. Soon you will be a rad grad!


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You are now on the downhill side. You will be finished before you know it. I hope the bad weather doesn't hold you up too much. Be careful if you do have to go out in it.


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I'm happy for you and I will be praying that the weather don't pro-long your treatment. We will all be celebrating with you when it is over!!!!! Take care Kay

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Jean 0609
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Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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So close to the end...and since you made it this far, I know you can do the rest!



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When my cancer ctr closed they never made up my days...!I had a little chart I made up and crossed off my days (a count down) how many I had left....(I even kept in and put in scrap book with my Radiation ID tag etc) JUST happy to be able to have in scrap book as a GOOD memory...

HOPE you are feeling...well!

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