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Really bad day today

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Hi. I was supposed to get FOLFOX#7 yesterday but, we waited a day to let my platlets come up some more. Then this moprning I went in to have my infusion. About 1/4 way through the oxy (monster) I had a very severe reaction and almost passed out completely. The doc stopped the oxy and I was sent home with my 5FU having receieved only 1/4 oxy dose.

Felt like heck and had to take son for xrays and doc visit. His xrays came back bad and doc has put him back in hospital for placement of chest tubes and suctioning again. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. What a day .... I just wanna sleep, I'm so exhausted.

HUGS to everyone.

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dont be so hard on yourself. It's ok, I promise. Your body can only handle so much and Oxy is no walk in the park. I am so sorry for your son I hope that his stay in the hospital will be short and that he will recover quickly. You are in my thoughts and of course my prayers as well. -Melissa

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Dear Lori,
I am so sorry about your day. I pray for relief for you and your son. I know you are so strong but I don't want you to have to be so strong. I want you to be able to rest. I will pray for rest and some relief for you. So sorry.


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I hope you get your strength up soon, you have so much to deal with.
Just wanted you to know thinking of you and of course a prayer or two your and your son's way.
Winter Marie

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My thoughts are with you + your son; I am sorry you both had a tough day.

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What Melissa said, Lori. Don't be so hard on yourself... you are doing just fine. You have made it to FOLFOX #7.. congratulate yourself on that, girlfriend!! I should have stopped the Oxy (Monster) around #6 because I had such a bad reaction to it as far as neuropathy and nerve damage went... and although we all thought that would go away once I stopped the oxy, it didn't. My last Oxy was #9, I believe... and then I finished the 12 treatments without the oxy. So don't worry... you've got a good 6 and a bit treatments of oxy in your system... and if you can't take anymore, then so be it, you can't. Hey, some people can't take anymore after the first treatment... so you are doing just fine.

I'm so sorry to hear about your son, though. You certainly don't need any more stress than what you are already going through. I hope, with all my heart, that this trip to the hospital will be quick, painless, and very successful for him.

Is there anything we can do from a far? Would your son enjoy getting cards from all over North America and beyond? I'm sure there are plenty of us semi-colons who would love to send a card to him if you think that might lift his spirits... and in turn, they would lift yours :)


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Hi Lori....just to tell you that I am thinking of you and hope tomorrow is a brighter, better day for you. I know about the oxy monster you spoke of and I only made it thru' 5 rounds and had to quit dancing with him. I was stage II so my onc felt the risks weren't worth the gains anymore. He IS a bad a$$ date, for sure.Mr.Xeloda wasn't much better for me....

Get yourself some good sleep, take it easy as you can. You and your son have my positive thoughts/ prayers /sparks.


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Kerry S
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Lori Darlin

I just don’t know how you do it all. With your problems with your son and then have to contend with you own chemo mess. If I could, I would give you the mother of the year award. I am very proud to know you cause you got attitude and then some.

Kerry (guy that loves your smile)

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So sorry that you had such a severe reaction to the oxy, but the body knows. Here is hoping that what you have gotten is enough and that you are on your way to beating back the cancer without more oxy.

Also very sorry to hear that your son is back in the hospital. I know how difficult his illness is for you and the stress it brings.

Get yourself some rest and regroup tomorrow.

Prayers for you and your son that things start moving in the positive direction.


Marie who loves kitties

P.S. I thought Cheryl's idea about cards was a good one.

C Dixon
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Hi Lori,

I did 12 rounds of folfox two years ago and was put on Xelox in Dec with my latest recurrence. I only made it to the 3rd round before I had this reaction. No more Oxi for me. I know Oxi is the first choice for most docs but I was having a much harder time with it this go round. I thought about getting upset but there was nothing I could do about it. I had to respect the fact that my body said No More! I had to admit that I was glad I wouldn't feel so bad. I just had my first round of Xeliri and it is much easier for me. I know you have been struggling with so much more than a lot of us and maybe this will actually be good for you.



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Hey Lori..... sorry you had such a bad day....... Cheryl had a great idea.... maybe cards from all over would get his mind off stuff.... I'm game..let us know. You take care of yourself girlfriend! Sending prayers ....


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Thinking of you and hopefully peace will come before to long........Love to ya, Buzz

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What a day is right- man oh man. I'm sorry Lori that you've had the reaction to the oxi and that your son is back in the hospital. Sending cyberhugs, well wishes, and definitely the prayers you just asked for.

Hugs & hoping you can sleep tonight.
Keep us updated-


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Oh, Lori.

I'm sorry that you both are going through so much. Praying that changes SOON.


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Hey Lori,,,,I hope you're fast asleep now but when you wake up things are on an uphill track. Prayers and more prayers for you and your son!
I admire your strength!

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Dear Lori,

I pray for your poor son, what strength he must have he got from your example.
I hope you listen to buzz and make sure your OK ? ok ? you cannot help son if
your not rested. Getting rest is best when you need it. I too have put the kids and school things first insead of resting enough. now I am up typing in our heatwave and the kids a re crying and its 3.47am here. But I am not tired now, its the chemo effect on me. I'll crashmost of tomorrow day.

I did the 36 day survival course called outward bound when I was about 19. The hardest day was climbing this massive hill in the stiffling heat with a real heavy pack. all day we climbed one foor in front of the other. we made it to the top in the late arvo.

when we evntually reached the top all I remember is exhuasted relief is what I remember from all those years ago. your horrible folfox issues and your son health just reminded me of that climb. the extreme pressure your under will pass. your doing as well as you can and you have my prayers. I hope you get a good sleep.

love Pete

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hope a run of good luck will come soon to you! I pray for it!
Hugs Mate!

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Hi Lori...

I had the same reaction on dose #7 of Oxy. I called mine "Satan in a bag". It was horrible. So sorry to hear about your son. Good vibes being sent to you both. :)

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Dear Lori:

Hopefully things are going to be much better pronto. I'm sorry you have to go through all this, also hope your son improves quickly. Take care of YOU as others have recommended, rest when you can. Things are going to get better. Promise. Am praying for you both. Hugs, Joyce

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