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Spoke to Sunrae

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She sends her love and wants everyone to know that we are all in her daily prayers. She is taking a break from CSN because all the recent news has been difficult for her while she is trying to mend. She is still dealing with the shingles and in addition her diabetes has caused bleeding and blurred vision in one of her eyes. She still has an infection at the surgical site, but her doctor assures her not to worry about it.

She is one strong lady. She has so many other health issues along with the BC and her attitude is good. She has not forgotten us. She is trying to mend and build her strength. She is also snowed in and cant wait for nicer weather. Hugs being sent from Sunrae.

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Sunrae is an amazing lady. Let her know she is in our thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Renee

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thanks for the update! Hugs to her!!!& you for letting us know

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Thanks for the update, please give Sunrae my love, and

Big bearhugs!


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Jean 0609
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Thanks for letting us know. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.


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Thank you for the up date. Please send her our love and hope that she finds some relief. We look forward to hearing from her a later date when she feels up to it.

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I miss seeing Sunrae here but it is nice to know she is OK and will return. All my prayers to you Sunrae, Miss you, take care and I pray you feel better soon. Kay

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I miss Sunrae too. I pray that she will feel batter soon. Many leave this site for different reasons, some for their health, some because they just need to, and, some just move on with their lives and put cancer behind them.

Wishing her well,


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thanks for the update on Sunrae. She does have a lot to deal with. Shingles alone can be very painful. Let her know that we too send her hugs.
{{hugs}} Char

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Tell Sunrae that she is my thought an prayers. I am seening her a big Cyber Hug.


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Tell Sunrae that she is my thought an prayers. I am seening her a big Cyber Hug.


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on our board recently, has not been GREAT, in fact sad. God has a plan for all of us, it is just so difficult to see someone leave our earth - sooner than I would like. I understand why at times, we as WARRIORS need to take a step back and reconnect with the world, before moving forward.

Strength and Courage,

Cousin Vicki

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Christmas Girl
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Sunrae has had to face many difficult challenges. Hoping she'll continue to heal, mend, recover, recuperate.

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Thanks, Natly. Please send her my good wishes. xoxoxo Lynn

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Thank you for the update on Sunrae. It is good that she is listening to her body and taking a break. We will be here when she is ready to return. Let her know that she is in my prayers. I have heard that shingles is very painful and sometimes tricky to overcome. And the diabetic eye problems need to be addressed and she needs to have her strength to deal with it. Hoping that the bleeding and blurred vision can be resolved. I know that sometimes they must use lasers to seal the leaks. I go yearly to have my eyes checked for this very thing and it is a problem that does occur in diabetics. Prayers and positive thoughts are going out to her.

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Yes--Thank you for the update.
positive thoughts going her way.


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Has been thru so much I wish her well.
Take care, Jennifer

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