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Latest weather update

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Hello all,
For those that have not followed this thread,I have been relating the circumstances of the recent floods in Queensland ,australia. Then a few days ago we were hit by tropical cyclone anthony. It was a catergory 2 storm crossing the coast at Bowen with 160km an hour wind gusts and heavy rain. It caused minor damage and flooding. All that the state has been thru in the past couple of months virtually amounts to nothing compared to what is about to hit cairns and innisfail late tonight or early tomorrow. Tropical cyclone Yasi is building to high catergory 5. It is 500 kilometers wide,70 kilometers across the eye. Wind gusts on remote weather stations have recorded to 300 kilometers an hour. It is expected the tidal surge will be over two metres over high tide level. The area it will hit was devastated by cyclone Larry a few years back,it was cat 4.
Australia has not seen a storm this big ,it is the biggest storm since data has been collected. Evacuations are under way ,over 30,000 so far from low lying areas. There is very little you can do under the circumstances. I have been in three cyclones in my life , two when i was a kid. It's a bit like cancer,all you can hope for is survival. I will not be in this one ,hopefully where I live will be out of the firing line but it is very hard to sit back and watch a wild thing maul your home state and know there is nothing you can do,Ron.

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All I can really say is WOW, I hope that you will be staying quite safe, and will send a prayer or two to your fellow countryman that are in the way of the cyclone for their safety and well being. Stay warm.
Winter Marie

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Thank you so very much for keeping us posted on the situation here.

I was just about to open a thread myself on the weather here in the US. Seems Mother Nature is determined to cause havoc.

For any who read this, if you are in the path of either Ron's cyclone or the large winter weather maker across a good part of the US, please take care, don't over do, and by all means stay safe!

Hugs and hope for sunshine soon for all

Marie who loves kitties

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If it was possible I'd spread some of this California sunshine we're having to all of you. Yes, I forgot about the East Coast area, my daughter is staying home and grandkids have a day off of school due to the ice. Please as the other Marie said, stay safe, and stay warm.
Winter Marie

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Stay dry + safe, my friend!

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batten the hatches and hang on my friend


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