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missed meds

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I have been on my tomoxafin and meds since end of December. Got to work today, in the snow, to remember I forgot to take them. I feel so silly but I freaked. My son brought them to me. I find myself so frightened so easily by things that should be no big deal. Anyone else like this. I know its still fairly new (Oct 2010) but still I want to be myself again...thats someone who goes with the flow and not this quick to freak out woman. Just venting thanks for listening.

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Don't worry about missing a day of meds. I've missed a few in my seven years. As long as you remember the next day it's fine. You will come to a place in your life when things do feel more normal but they will be a different normal than you used to know. Chemo brain has made me forget many a thing. Vent any time that's why we are here!


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thanks terry that is what I love about this site I can vent here and dont have to feel like I am burdening my husband with it. He has been so incredibly wonderful during this time I just wish I felt more like myself

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My onc told me that tamoxifen takes a while to be eliminated from your body. So not to worry if I went away for the weekend and forgot the meds. it would be ok.

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I have actually gone away for a weekend (twice) and forgot all my medication. This included my arimidex, blood pressure, cholesterol, and both of my diabetes meds. I did take my testing kit for diabetes and watched my sugars. Tnank goodness I don't take insulin. It was okay though and I resumed them when I got home. Not something you want to do, of course, and if I thought I could have talked to my doctor I might have had a minimal presceiption sent to where I was but I didn't. Now I am much better at packing those first. I have forgotten them once in awhile for one dose so I wouldn't overworry. A suggestion might be to put a couple of them in a childproof container and put them in your purse just in case. It's perfectly normal to worry about this and about many other things. Vent, complain, laugh or cry we are here and we understand.

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