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both dr's offices closed

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so MORE waiting and worrying grrrrrr mother nature clear this up for me!!! This is texas suppossed to me nice and warm not 10 degrees which is what is predicted for tonight!!!!!

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Double Whammy
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I suppose if you can't get to work, you can't get to work, but don't they realize how this effects you (and us)?

Trying to be patient, and still being supportive,

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I am so sorry Libby that you have to wait longer. The weather looks terrible across the US. Praying that everyone is safe and warm until this passes.

Is your oncologist at the hospital today? Could you call her and tell her how anxious you are and worried? And, maybe she could at least give you an idea of why she wanted to see you?

You have been through so much already that, even though the weather is bad, it just isn't right to make you keep waiting.

I am sending you warm caring hugs and praying that the news you get will be good news!

Sue :)

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(((Libby))), Sorry you have to wait longer. Maybe you can reach your oncologist by phone and let her know how worried you are. xoxoxoxo Lynn

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Sorry about the nasty weather up in your part of Texas. I agree try to call -it may not work but at least you made the effort and it could make you feel better if you get through. Our temps are dropping and we could get a few snow flurries on Friday. Houston will probably close up shop. It tickles me cause I use to live in Va. and Ky. and at least they try up there. Not here but then we so seldom need snow and ice removal it doesn't make since to have much on hand either!
Thinking of you!

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I agree with the others - see if you can get a hold of your oncologist to find out more if you can.

If not, then I would suggest finding a great movie to watch; Pop some popcorn and make some hot cocoa and curl up on the couch. If it were me, I'd watch something that made me cry, like the Color Purple, but whatever you do to distract yourself, may you enjoy your day despite your understandable worry and frustration.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,

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I put in a return call request.... if she gets it Im sure she will call!!!

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am so sorry my friend. Please let us know.


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Hoping you will either hear something soon or the weather will let up and you can go in and find out what's up. Sorry for the having to wait. It is always so stressful.

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So sorry Libby!! I'm praying for good news, strength, and patience. I know the waiting game is NO FUN, but please try not to worry dear. One thing that helps me is if I remember the news will be the same whether I worry or not and worrying wont change it, of course easier said than done, but it does help me some. Hang in there and please let us know as soon as you can. Dear God, please keep Libby and all or our sisters safe and tell mother nature to be nice, so we can get our Libby in to the Doc to get her news.
PS It's -40 below windchill here in South Dakota bbrrrr!!
Mountains of Love and Big Cyber Hugs,

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Posts: 615
Joined: Jun 2009

Onc is open so mom's picking me up to see whats the dealiooooo will post back asap

♥ huggsss

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Hugs back to you. Drive carefully and holding my breath until we hear from you.

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Good luck Libby!

Hugs, Diane

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