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Thyroid problems and OVCA

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I was wondering if any of you ladies suffered with thyroid problems prior to being diagnosed with OVCA?? I have read (somewhere) that there is some research out there where they are looking in to a link between thyroid problems and OVCA.
I have an underactive thyroid which was well treated for many years until about 9-10 months before my OVCA diagnosis when it went completely off the chart with really high and odd readings. It eventually went back to 'my' normal.
Just wondering!!
Michelle x

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Quite the opposite - I have thyroid problems now, after OVCA.


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Mum didn't.

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I was diagnosed with hypothyroid (underactive thyroid) just a few months before the cancer was discovered. Once I started chemo, it got steadily worse. My meds were increased from 15 mg to 30, then to 60, and now I'm taking 90 mg of Armour Thyroid daily. My last thyroid panel showed normal, though, so I'm hoping it has stabilized.


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I had a slightly underactive thyroid prior to OVCA, so slight I was on the very lowest dose of Levothyroxine. During chemo, I was tested and it was definitely in the hypothyroid range, so I went on Armour Thyroid. A couple of months ago, I was diagnosed wtih Hashimoto's, an autoimmune condition where my body attacks my thyroid. Doctors will treat this with thyroid hormones, which does not address the problem. My naturopath is treating it with supplements. I should be off of my thyroid medication in about a month. In my case I think it was exacerbated becasue I was taking iodine.

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Hi Michell, In 1991 is when I had my first round with ovarian cancer and I had my big surgery. After that (can't remember how many years) but I had to go on Thyroid medicine. In 2008 my cancer returned. I have been on the thryoid medicine (Levothyroxine - low dose) for several years. They recently checked my thyroid to see if I was doing okay on the current medicine and everything seems to be okay with that.


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thyroid problems.


hopeful girl 1
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During my treatment last year for uterine cancer I had a ct and thyroid nodules were found as an incidental. When treatment ended, my oncologist said we would take a look at the nodules. I just had a biopsy done recently and it was benign. I have to be monitored in 6 months to see if they change in size at all. My thyroid levels were normal.


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I've often wondered the same thing. My mom has had thyroid issues for years. I believe its hypo-the under-active one.. she takes Levothyroxine for it. They also found, and removed, a benign tumor on her pituitary gland in 2003. Since they are both hormone related, I've wondered if there is a connection to her uterine serous carcinoma diagnosis.


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