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Some good news! My first chemo went well!

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Had my first ever chemo yesterday and actually it was not bad. I am just amazed. I am a little tired today because the steroids seemed to keep me awake plus the chemo appt was so late in the day I was a bit keyed up when I got home. BUT I am awake and up and not nauseous at all and that is what I dreaded- so I am happy. It is getting cold and rainy here today so a good day for a nap I am thinking later. Ladies, you have been a treasure load of info. So many things I would never have thought of to ask the doctor if not for reading the posts here. Actually I was happy I could take chemo because it something to use to fight this and I am thankful for the arsenal of meds to beat this! I just lost my sister in August to BC so I have watched this second hand and vicariously through so many of our sisters here on this site. Love to all.
Pink Pearl Merlie

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So glad you are doing well we all prayed for that. It will be over before you know it. take care, thinking of you Kay

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That's great. I had my first chemo about 12 days ago. The first few days were not too bad. Symptoms did sort of creep up, so enjoy the good days and hopefully it will be more good than not. I had Taxotere and Cytoxan which after a few days, can and did for me, cause severe heartburn. So maybe ask your doctor if your chemo might cause it and get a prescription for it right away. It takes a few days for the meds to kick in so you don't want to wait. Don't want to put a damper, just sometimes helps to be preparred. I didn't know this after my first one and was in terrible pain for a few days. I now have no heartburn and am doing pretty well. I am scheduled for my next chemo feb 10th.
Good luck and stay positive. So far it hasn't been AS bad as I expected. I think the not knowing is the worst part. This website and all these wonderful people have given me fabulous information and support. ie:heartburn

Keep blogging


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Wonderful info on what to be prepared for, I am having my 2nd chemo today and they will be backing off on the steriods because they feel it made my blood pressure go too high during infusion. I hope that does not bring on additional problems, as I'm not quite sure what the steriods actually do.

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Very happy for you!


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Double Whammy
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I was very prepared - even bought Depends! And I needed them on more than one occasion until I figured out how to manage that side effect. Even tho I learned to manage it for the most part, I never left the house without being protected. Just a little something else to look forward to - diarrhea. I think most of us experienced it. We'd just like to forget about it.


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My oncologist's nurse mentioned in passing to use OTC Prilosec for the heartburn. I took it yesterday in the am and pm and again today and I plan to continue that due to what you are saying. I hope that will be enough. Don't really know. Also told me to take Senecot-S for constipation all week and have immodium on hand for diarh. Boy! chemo must like to hit you everywhere. Not sure what to expect but still feeling okay so far today. Maybe our comments will help somebody out there!

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Jean 0609
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Glad to hear things went well. Hope they continue. You will probably crash by Friday after you come down from the steroid high. Remember, to continue to drink, drink, drink lots of water. You want to flush that crap out of your system.


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Very happy that your chemo went so well for you! Praying it continues to go even easier for you.

Sue :)

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm glad everything went well, and that you're feeling good today. Keep up with the fluids, nap when you want and can, and lots of little snacks all day long. My docs said to focus on protein and calories...that's what your body needs to rebuild.

I have to agree with you...as nasty and awful as chemo is, I'm glad it's available to help us fight! I say use everything there is!



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Hi Pink

Im so happy for you!!! Ive been thinking about you and wondering how it was going! Will let you know my first time tomorrow. Will you invite me as a friend so we can correspond more? ( not sure how to do it myself). where abouts in america are you? Take good care of yourself, sleep , rest..just be good.

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Double Whammy
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The first chemo brings a lot of anxiety with it because you don't know what to expect, in spite of what everyone tells you. So many what ifs. When all the treatments are behind you, you will be so proud of yourself. I told myself that millions of people have had chemo before me and that I could do it. I did - and was pleased to learn how doable it was.

Best wishes -

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Hooray for getting that first chemo behind you! Hoping you can get some rest!

Hugs, Jan

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Not sure how to do the friend thing but I added you and it looks like you then add me. I am in the southeast area of Houston, TX. LOL! Being very good!

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You're going to do just fine. Try to rest, relax, and pamper yourself. It's a great feeling to get that first one out of the way, isn't it!

Hugs, Renee

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first chemo went well today. Hopefully the rest will too. Rest when you need to. We are here to support you.
{{hugs}} Char

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You have an amazing, upbeat attitude and youwill do just fine. The first one is the hardest one, ( I was terrified ). All the best to you.

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So glad that your chemo went so well for you! Keep updating us on how you are doing!

Hugs, Debby

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Glad that your chemo went well. Rest and take care.

Hugs, Angie

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I am glad to hear your first chemo went well. Now that you have the first one done and know what to expect you should not be stressed so much. Hope the rest go well for you. Make sure you take care of yourself.


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So glad to hear that both of you are off to a good start.
I am not one for taking medication so all of this was hard for me. My husband is in medicine and told me to stay on top of things. Boy was he right.
First, they give you stuff (saline, benadryl, etc) prior to the actual chemo meds. This stuff will help with the initial nausea but as soon as it is out of your body...watch out. The nausea and dry heaves will set it. I learned the hard way. You cannot wait until it happens. I tried one med but ended up calling my husband sobbing. He had me switch to the Zofran which melts on the tongue. What a life saver. It is fast acting. Same with the heartburn. OMG that was so painful. Again, take it ahead of time.

My rountine went like this.
Steroids Sunday. Chemo Monday. Neulasta shot Tuesday along with a Zofran. Wed Zofran. Thursday Zofran. Prevacid at first sign of heartburn. I also took stool softener. Not to be graphic but chemo made my stool into little balls. The meds also irritated the lining of my bowls, if you know what I mean, and caused bleeding. So I kept dose at level that allowed stool to soften. I literally took that stuff every day from March through Sept 2010.

If you lose your taste, which I did, you will learn what you can stand to eat and what is just too horrid tasting. It was hard for me because I had to cook for family but could not eat it. My treatments were every 21 days so by around the 15th day out I would eat whatever I could because from about 15-21 days things tasted pretty good. Not normal but better.

I think it is great that you have found someone who can literally go throught this with you, here on this site.

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Just take it easy and rest. This is really good weather for naps too!

Hugs to you,


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I'm glad to know that it went well for you. I'm always keyed up for the first couple of days too, but that third day I sleep a lot. Make sure you are drinking LOTS of water. I made the mistake during my last chemo of not drinking water and I paid for it dearly. Stay strong and enjoy those naps :)



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I am so happy that your chemo went so well for you. I didn't have chemo, so, I don't know exactly how hard and anxious you must have been, but, I certainly will pray that it will continue to go easily for you.


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As other sisters wrote, drink lots of water. Very happy to read how well your chemo went.

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Maybe I'm too optimistic, but after my first CMF treatment yesterday, I feel pretty good. No nausea (thanks to Emend), but just a bit dizzy. Took prilosec last night plus metamucil. Will continue the priosec and metamucil today. Glad you're doing well too. I had AC 10 years ago and remember being very nauseous the first week after treatment. So glad to find this site so we can all support each other!

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Yes !!! no nausea for me either thanks to Zofran and I am still taking Prilosec, Senekot S and rinsing my mouth. Today my tongue feels really funny and I am achy but not enough to stay in bed--so far the aches are less than when you have the flu.
Good luck to all on the chemo adventure.

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Hello PinkPearl
It's great to hear that yours went well - that you got through it...
I agree, this board is sooo great and full of info.
The info here was exactly what I needed, to make it through (after all of my anxiety ;-)).

You've reminded me to pull up my original thread and give updates.

Best of Health to you and others on this chemo / other treatments journey.
Bless you.

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glad to hear i get my port put in tues to start chemo later this month so nervous trying to work full time thru this and stay strong. Hoping I can say the same thing next month.

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Great that your chemo went so well! But, be sure and listen to your body and rest when you feel tired. You don't want to overdo it.


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Glad you are doing well too baker!

Hugs, Jan

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Wonderful!! I'm glad you are taking chemo well. Be kind to yourself and nap all you want :)
Miles of Love,

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Good news! If you are tired, be sure and get lots of rest. Take naps if you can. Keep us updated!

Hugs, Leeza

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I'm glad it's not hitting you hard. It was tolerable for me, days 3-5 after were the worst. Then by day 7 I was on the upswing. I hated losing my taste of food and the metal taste. I was on tax. and cytoxin. for 6 rounds. Hope it stays easy for you.

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