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Another big Thank You

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I received another package and i cannot tell you how beautiful the gifts are! My family is overwhelmed by your caring and generosity. They always see me on the computer "talking" to you guys, so they know how important you all are to me. I am working on the thank you cards, but there is nothing that i can say that can tell you how much you are appreciated. I have read sad news on the board about Mamag, i cannot understand this, and i know that her family is devastated. It seems like she was just "cancer free". I have been feeling better, the only side effect i seem to have is fatigue, i am so tired. The pain has lessened, so that is good news. I think i mentioned that my daughter broke her wrist Friday, now she needs surgery on Friday to set the bone. Of course, i am completly neurotic about this, but i plan on being with her at the hospital all day Friday, just another bump in the road. We have been hammered by bad weather, supposed to be ice tomorrow, and more snow on Saturday. Hoping everyone is warm and safe.

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Please do not worry about thank you notes! Take care of yourself and your daughter. Be careful today--the weather reports for so many states are awful (even Oklahoma). Down here, we just have to deal with hurricanes but not snow ;-). I know I speak for everyone in saying that my thanks is hearing hope and happiness in your voice. My prayers are with you.

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Jean 0609
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I agree with CypressCynthia, a thank you here is enough. We just wanted to let you know that we love you.

Hope you are managing with the "ice". I hear more is on the way tonight.


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Meena, I, too, hear the strength in your voice. A thank you here is enough. We love you and are glad your heart was lifted with the thoughts!! Good luck with your daughter's surgery on Friday.

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no thank you's Meena...rest and get well.

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so the little package made it's way through all that snow!!

Please don't worry about thank you's ... they are not expected of
you. Those cards are only there to pour your heart out if needed.

I hope you daughters surgery will go over well.



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No thank you's are necessary....just use that time to rest and take care of your daughter. We all know you appreciate what has been sent, and just know that we are thinking of you and yours as you sift through the gift package. Hugs, Judy

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