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This is a reply from Johnnybegoods mom (let me clarify things post)

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Did not want anyone to miss it so we can send positive thoughts or prayers or both Jonny's way

February 1, 2011 - 7:02am
Well Said

This is so well said. Since beginning to read this board in October 2008, I have seen this situation so many times. I am Johnnybegood's mother. I discovered this site filled with caring, compassionate members and much helpful information. I helped her sign up so that she could have added support when I was no longer there at her home to help. It saddens me to see how some of these same people turn on each other. I am not a very religious person.
My husband, on the other hand, is very much so. Somehow, we have stayed married for forty years. So, when the bruises fade, I imagine the board will go on.

That being said, I will not ask for "prayer"(due to censorship) for Johnnybegood, but only for well wishes from those who care to give them. After being NED for several months, two "spots" were discovered on her liver. A biopsy was done today. The results should be available Friday. So 2,000 miles apart, we are waiting and hoping for the best.

Thank you for allowing me a place to ask for support for her as she may not do it herself.


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dearest Wolfen thank you for letting us know about Johnny....I thought something was up but did not want to ask.
I care deeply about her and in fact I hope you won't mind my saying but i feel quite motherly to her. We did chemo at the same time and at that time I had had two bouts of mets to the liver. I am a 64 year old gal living in Canada....2 liver resections later still going strong after 2 years out.

you are right johnny may not have asked for support. she seems like such a gentle, quiet soul to me. So I am sending all my hugs and best wishes to Johnny...hoping for good biopsy results on Friday....

hope I can help in any way

best love, maggie

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ahh gracie you are such a sweetheart....thank you.

I feel quite winded this morning from the storm...I think that is why in times of calm I beg for tolerance....simple love and tolerance....

In all the years I have know Johnny she has never asked a thing for herself....I am so happy you have met both her and her mom.....

I too feel things will turn out well

with love....maggie

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Kerry S
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Wolfen, 28 months back I had liver surgery to get one spot off my liver. When the doc opened me up, he looked and just closed me back up. Here was just too much to deal with. They then did liver embolization on me that killed off half my liver. It grew back in like 6 weeks.

When my colon surgeon did the lower bowel resection me, he said he had my liver in his hands and he said it looked just a great as it has on all my scans. I don’t know if they still do embolization any more. I want to say they have found an even better way now.

Hang in there and keep a positive attitude.

Kerry (older then Maglets)

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tehehe Kerry....? I didn't think there was anyone older than I am.....

whewwwww thanks you OLD coot.....:):)

maggie....and yes the liver is very doable.....I'll bet yours is as pretty as a nice spring peach Kerry

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just sitting here a little sore from the liver biopsy yesterday.thanks so much for your concerns and thoughts.i dont really post a whole lot since my treatments ended in july 2009,but i still come here to lurke and see how my cyber family is doing.i could not have done the oxy and 5fu without your support.thanks wolfen(mom)for the post, i dont really like to get on here and spread any bad vibes.right now we are in the dreaded waiting process and i know we will walk thru this together.thanks again for your replies....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Sending you good vibes for awesome results!!! You take care.


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I hope you get great results; sorry you are sore.

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Sonia - Thanks for passing this along.

Wolfen - You are a wonderful mom. Johnybegood has a gentle spirit and you seem to as well. She has always been good support to our family.

Johnybegood - It is good to see you post but I am sorry that you are in this waiting period. I hope the soreness goes away and that you get good results from the biopsy. Know that we are here for you. Please don't hesitate to post while you wait. I find that the folks on this board are tremendous help to me in those hard waiting periods.

Thinking of you and praying for you.


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Thanks so much for coming here and posting about what's going on. I'm keeping you both close in my heart, and thinking for good results form the biopsy. And just so you have it in the back of your mind, I also wanted to let you that I had a liver resection too (10/08) and my liver has been doing great since then.

all the best, Leslie

whose four-leggeds, my horses, and border collie, are a also great support through all this.

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tina dasilva
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Sending all the best wishes your way hugs Tina

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Ya gotta remember, every things gonna be OK...and Mom, we got her down here, shes gonna do just fine, shes in good hands in here...we'll carry her and you all the way through...Love to you both, Buzz

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Thanks so much for reposting my comments in a new thread. Thank you everyone for your replies, best wishes, feedback, and words of wisdom.

I am not bothered at all by you wanting to mother her. I think it's very nice. I am the same age as you are, but live in a little warmer climate, Arizona.

I enjoyed our communications and learning that we have a lot in common.

Thank you for all your help and for contacting her with all your information.

Yes, she is a gentle caring person and sometimes very private. As she said, she didn't want to send out bad vibes. I dont believe asking for extra good feelings from her cyber family is sending out bad vibes. We all need every extra bit of help we are given.

Now, if she just won't brain me(long distance) for starting this(LOL)----------

Love to you all,


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hope everything goes fine johnny!

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I am glad Johnnybegood has such a loving + kind mother.

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I will be sending best wishes and prayers to Johnny. I hope the biopsy comes back negative, but, if not then I do hope that a good plan will be forthcoming. HUGS

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Oh, me.

I, too, had thought maybe something was up, but didn't want to pry. I knew she'd tell us eventually.

Praying for excellent results!


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