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Monster storm heading for our backyard

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We're right outside of Chicago...NW IN and they are predicting 20+ inches of snow...which in my opinion is 20+ too much....

We're as ready as we can be...just so the electricity stays on....if not, well there are three dogs here...so that's one for each of us to cuddle with.

Our newest boy just arrived from Mobile...I know..poor thing..Saturday...but he has lived in Colorado and is no stranger to snow...it's just darn hard to see the two blues in the snow...they blend right in.

Anyone else with this storm coming their way?


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We're about 40 miles west of chicago. I'm kinda of excited actually. If it has to be cold and grey out, why not have a little (ok...a lot!) of snow?! As long as I don't have to drive in it, I'm good! :)

Keep warm and safe.


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I'm in Oregon and 3 times they have predicted snow and each time we got a sprinkle (like someone from above sprinkled powder sugar on us) - looks like we won't get any this year. I just told a co-worker that I think I'm moving East. Stay warm and enjoy.

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In Western Ma. the snow just keeps on coming. The prediction for today was 4 to 8 inches and then a tomorrow another 12 plus inches to add. Driving conditions are very poor, just praying that all who need to go out today and tomorrow are safe, if you have treatment planed and are heading out please drive safe.
Thought and Prayers

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Our winds are 50 mph +...I had to shovel the laundry room stairs going outside...for the dogs....the smallest one loves the snow and bunny hops...the new Southern boy said...ye gads...even though he's been in Colorado snow before and our old girl got stuck and yep, I had to trudge out and rescue her....but be prepared had on her boots, hoodie and jacket..and I knew she'd have trouble...

Tomorrow we'll have to shovel trails for them in the dog run...

Tom's chemo was canceled for tomorrow...we'll head up to the u of c Friday...and hopefully his doctors will come in so he doesn't have to go back next Wed..when they are predicting more snow...yuck!

We just ordered Secretariat and watched it...what a super movie,loved it even if I knew who won all the races...nothing like a good horse movie...

Hopefully everyone is safe at home....say some prayers please for our emergency workers...this is brutal weather to have to be outside.


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Hey Jan,
I live in Greendale which is a suburb of Milwaukee in SE Wisconsin. Got about 8 inches already and the worst is yet to come. We're supposed to have winds over 45-50mph and maybe 18-20 more inches of snow by tomorrow. It's drifting alot already. Since my hubby died last march, I'm in charge of snowblowing. YUK!!!! Think I'll just hibernate.
Hope everyones doing good today. "Carole"

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We just have rain in the georgia area where I live. Two weeks ago we had around six inch"s of snow, and it closed us down for a week. This was the most in a long time. We definately aren't equiped here.
If they predict it at all here, the stores sell out of everything--Heaters, blankets, gloves, hats,anything that you can slide on and everything in the grocery stores. You get the feeling of a holiday and I have to admit, I love it. But we go years without any!!

Stay safe all of you that are in the storm path,

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