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Knew it was just a matter if time...But lets try to save it from going any further

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There is a section on religion,spirituality-meditation that was created when this first came about ...Yeah, I was in on it too. I have then come to realize that Religion, and yes I am religious, it does have it place as everything else...and yes there is a fine line that we all walk, to try and accomodate all that come in here for comfort, support, and knowledge. Be it Religious, Atheist, Agnostic, Democrat, Republican, Whip, Whig, or Conservative, whatever, doesn't matter, they come in here for support and through the years we have tried to assure that no feelings get hurt, and no one is turned off or away by something that just doesn't fit. Now , lets take for instance, our school says that we do not send our kids to school with anytype of backpack on wheels, and we have two options, we either buy them one that they can simply wear on their back or we don't send them to school. It is the place or position that first arrives that normally sets the rules to be governed by and to be abided by in anything material. Yes we all have our beliefs, and we will all live with those beliefs and should abide by them if we deem so. But, in that process we also have standards and rules not made to rule out anyone particular or their beliefs, but to prevent things as this nature from becoming an issue. You see, we all want the same things in life, longevity, peace, and calm, and in the grand scheme of things people of all walks of life, of all religious faiths, of all political parties, want longevity, peace, and calm. I have realized that from my point of view (and its only mine) that we can have it all here in this forum, that yes someone started this site for the intention of having a place to go to speak of cancer and yes, it also has its rules. We either abide by those rules as we do here at our school, or we simply look over it and move on to the next post ...The thread Religion-Spirituality-Mediation was created to accomodate those that wanted to affiliate religion and cancer in their posts and also to discuss their views not only to move it off a thread as not to disturb others, but to have a thread where it could be openly discussed and debated with no one to say yea or nay to the debate ( as long as it stayed civil)....So, yes new people that have just come into this site, this is not the first time this has come up nor will it be the last, but simply know that trying to accomodate everyone is a hard job, but with the opening of the other thread it is a step in the right direction, and that I think was part of the issue, those, even I, that want that part in our topics will drift over to the other thread to discuss topics of all nature and with gusto, but we all know when we go that its open to any and all that want to converse, and we all know where the discussion takes us, and thats fine, thats what its there for.
Each of us need to look at ourselves each morning in the mirror and simply smile just because we are here and alive, it doesn't matter why, thats for our own hearts to determine, and we should be glad that when we post theres someone who is normally in the same boat alive that morning as well. Whats gonna happen when you find yourself in a heated discussion and find that the person (through no fault of your own) passed away in the night....Lifes to short to squabble, we all have rights sure, but we all have rules, and one of the rules on this site was simply and as plainly put in post as possible. So "When in Rome" as the saying goes....and like it or not......we're in Rome....

This is not for debate nor will I respond back to posts on it, or pms on it...it is what it is...I love all of you and this is simply my way of trying to accomodate everyone, by simply giving a little background on this matter and the origin of it has been here since time began, and doesn't seem to be anywhere close to being solved, so lets simply play by the rules that apply to this site and do what we intended to when we got here...acquire longevity of life, peace, and calm..........

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Thanks, Buzz.

Well said.


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As usual you hit the nail on the head. It was ugly last night and I am glad those posts were removed.

Thanks for being the caring advocate and source of info that you are.

Hugs - Tina

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Thank you for writing this.

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You said it bud!!!

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I appreciate that you wrote here.


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Nana b
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I totally see your point Buzz,

but this is a cancer forum, not to debate religion, or spirituality, especially not in the religion forum. If you remember, it was that particular forum was created because those that believe in God were not allowed to discuss it here. So, I say, just leave them alone over there! It's not a place to attack their right to religon.

Thanks for your post.

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That forum is the place (and Greta correct me if Im wrong) for people of faith to be able to go over to that forum and pray for one another, speak of religion with one another and be able to do so in a peaceful calm setting without the debate or drama involved. I was here when it was started, and it was started because there were people that didn't want it here so Greta started that forum dedicated to give members a place to speak out to each other about their faiths...It is not a place for debate, thats why this forum and that forum became complete different entities, just for that reason...

My opinion is that I think the Religion Spirituality Meditation forum was born to move it off this forum, ok that happened, it also opened up another forum for a peaceful place to worship with others that do the same in helping in the journey with the disease. If I am wrong then hopefully Greta will get me straight. and this forum is strictly for cancer wisdom,shoulders, and help........and neither should be battle or debate grounds for any intent or purpose..for when you start to debate then in a while the debate turns into a defend then you have lost what was created to calm all of this in the first place............

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Thanks Buzz.. I agree 100%. Life is way to short to argue about anything.


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but with everything else i agree


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