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Laughing at myself

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Double Whammy
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Joined: Jun 2010

I've been photographing my hair regrowth and just posted 2 pictures taken today on my Expressions page. Definite progress!

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I had to pop over to your expressions and look and it does look like a cute little dandylion. I just loved those when I was a kid and my gramma would firt get upset when I would pick them and blow all those seeds into the air. Heck, I was little how did I know they were a weed and they would grow like crazy in the lawn. But she would always end up laughing and blowing them with me. So don't let anyone blow on your head. You don't want them flying away and your hair growing all over someone's lawn. LOL. You look absolutely adorable by the way. Thanks for sharing the hair.

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My hair did the same thing. It seemed like all the grey started coming first and then the hair with color. Them grey hairs are tough little suckers aren't they. I didn't care was just happy to have any hair at all. And you are a beautiful dandelion. take care darlin Kay

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I think you look cute. When my hair was like that it sure was easy to take care of. lol

Marsha Mulvey
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It said, "If God had not given us the flower, a dandelion would be the most startling event on Earth." Don't know who said it, but your dandelion is lookin' good!

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call the perfect wash & wear hairdo....lol.


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Can't wait to get to that part of the process, mine has been falling out for a week now & still not done...I would like to know why the top fell out faster than the back...I look like Ben Franklin!

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documenting the event by writing down my regrowth. Sad to say, in my case .. it appeared to grow very slowly, but I had HAIR. I don't know why my Ono RN told me that .. oh, your hair will grow back very quickly, so I thought I would have 6 inches in 6 months, not the case.

Happy Hair growing, and testing out new styles ..

Vicki Sam

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Joined: Jan 2011

I LOVE the dandilion picture, so cool. You need to enter that in some kind of contest. Seriously!

I too have watched my hair slowly come in. It is probably the most depressing thing about all this for me so far. I especially wish mine was coming in curly like so may say it does. It reminds me of persian cat hair, really soft, somewhat fuzzy. Not normal hair texture.

I had a friend who thought of getting a weave put in just to give her some bangs. I thought that was a great idea and am thinking about it too.

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