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pancreatic cancer: how do you....

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how do you go on day to day when you have pancreatic cancer. I have stage 2b and recently started chemo for three times then 5.5 weeks of chemo/rad followed by nine rounds of chemo. I am 9 weeks post whipple today. The fatique is what is getting me down usually occuring on the second day after chemo and lasts for two days. I am just tired of laying around with no energy and those are the days that I cry the most because all I can do is think about my situation laying here. How do others handle the fatique? I also have a almost four year old child who needs me during the day so I just rest but dont sleep.

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Hey saskgirl2

Stage 2A here and about to undergo 6 months of chemo. The Whipple's was done 8 weeks ago. I feel great. Can eat...can walk and exercise...no pain but do experience occasional fatigue. I have been taking lots of vitamin D, fresh garlic, PawPaw Cell Reg capsules ( I suggest you consider this supplement while undergoing chemo) and a very careful selection of the best fresh nutrients. My wound healed well...and so far no complaints whatsoever. There is no self-pity of any sort. I do not allow myself to feel like that. I exercise, meditate, I meet up with friends and family members and keep active. Be occupied and enjoy life. If fatigue kicks in you get up and fight it mentally or physically whatever you prefer.

Good luck.

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Hi Saskgirl2!

I am 1 year 4 months post Whipple back in treatment.

The Gemzar affects different people in different ways. I, too, have the fatigue after two days. It lasts one to two days. I also lost my hair (what little was left, anyway). I hope that doesn't happen to you.

All the side effects were worse following the chemo/rad so it will get better. I am sorry I can't help with the fatigue part as I was able to sleep it off. Try some of the foods/supplements Gus recommended.

I know it is hard with a little one who is too young to understand but I want you to understand that it does get better. Try to keep positive. My prayers are with you.

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