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NOPR- National oncologic pet registry

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I think the site may give guidelines for Pet/ CT fusion scans which are used for surveillance in other cancers and are less radiation that straight ct scan. Maybe this google site can help with payment of scans?

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My pet scans are paid thru this since medicare will not. Does require a bunch of paperwork every time.

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This org was developed in response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
to expand coverage for FDG PET scans for cancers. medciare only started paying for PET scans in 2009 and has a list of approved cancers (for example, lung and ovarian are there.
It is sponsored and endorsed by the Academy of Molecular Imaging,, the American College of Radiology,the American Society for Clinical Oncology and the Society ofr Nuclear Medicine.
As stated and confirmed by the radiology techs at my imaging center, it does require a lot of paperwork but it has to be addressed if you have medicare or Medicaid. Whether or not they can be of help with a balky private insurer, I do not know.

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