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I have been a lurker on this web site for a long time and I am seeing that our numbers are growing. I had angiosarcoma of the breast due to radiation 5 years ago.I had a masdectomy in April 2006 At this time I have had 2 surgeries since Sept 2010. This cancer has returned and is becoming more aggressive. My Dr. is not giving me any hope for survival. I have been to the Moffitt Cancer and talked to a Dr. that is a specialist in angiosarcoma.He had nothing to offer. I am also going to see a radiologist and a chemo Dr. there as well. Anyone out there that has been treated and won this battle? My local Dr. has offered me some radiation and I am still hearing that chemo does not work. They have told me that radiation is the only option and they gave me a list of side effects and problems I may have and that the radiation is pallative at best. I have not taked with the other 2 Drs. at Moffitt yet but I am wondering if it will be a repeat of what I have already been told.

I would appreciate any words of hope. I am very angry and feel that the Drs. are killing us. When I had the first breast cancer I had a lumpectomy and radiation. I had asked for a masdectomy and the Drs. said it was not neccessary and refused to do a masdectomy. If they had done what I asked or if I had found another Dr. or did not have the radiation I would be okay today. When you have radiation you sign a paper giving them permission to treat you. It states that the radiation could cause another cancer in the years to come. They don't tell you what types of cancer you may get or how long it may take to get it. Since they are offering radiation for the second time in the same area it may kill me anyway.
I am looking for survival options. Please feel free to e-mail me. I am looking for hope.

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