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Serous Papillary carcinoma - Stage 4

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My mom, age 76, underwent a hysterectomy on 1-6-11. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Serous papillary carinoma. She had 3 tumors, all cancerous, removed. One was not contained...2 spots removed from stomach fatty tissue. Surgeon who did surgery is an gyno-oncologist....Hope Center in Asheville, NC. Long story short, in hospital for 15 days...complications due to sleepy bowels, colitis,etc, etc, etc. Had no symptons until 1 mo prior to surgery...found tumor during 6 month ultrasound of kidneys then started bleeding and experiencing cramping. Anyway, given option of 6 treatments of chemo...taxol & carboplatin followed by radiation. She is also a candidate for participation in research trial...2 arms...1st arm radiation with chemo (cisplatin) followed by 4 treatments of chemo (carboplatin/paclitaxel) or 2nd arm is only chemo (6 treatments...carboplatin/paclitaxel). Just got home (I live in Charlotte and brothers not in area either) from over 3 week stay in Asheville and am overwhelmed with trying to get as much info as quickly as possible to help her make the right decision. She of course is old school...no internet access and completely clueless on how to make good and well-informed decision. Her doctor was on fence about the 2 treatment plans. Says has good chance of "curing" cancer because cancer had not invaded organs, blood, etc if went with treatment plan but if came back would be fatal because of aggressiveness of cancer. Mom goes back 2-14 to meet with Chemo NP with decision. On top of that, my dad got sick at same time with viral infection and was in and out of hospital and is now recuperating in rehab facility plus has been diagnosed with dementia so that has added to stress. HELP!!!!!!! Any and all info is welcome.

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I am a UPSC survivor, Stage 2B. I was diagnosed in Oct. 2008...

You have come to the right board, lots of info and support.

I live in Charlotte and would love to help you through this. I was treated through the Bleumenthal Cancer Center. Let me know what I can do.



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Thanks...trying to get as much info as possible in order to make right call for treatment plan...feel like she needs to go with chemo/radiation and not trial to be aggressive. Want to know side effects and what to expect in order to help her through this.

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