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Stage 3 HCC recurrence post transplant

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Dear All

This is the first time i join such a discussion board.

I was really motivated by the spirit of all you.

I realised i wanted to be part of this great group.

My mom was diagnosed with HCC tumor 6cm with end stage cirhosis last September.

She was lucky enough to undergo liver transplant, i was her donner i was more than happy to participate in saving her life.

Liver transplant is a difficult surgery and we spent the passed few months struggling with the complications.

to cut the long story short while dealing with the complications of the transplant, we discovered last weak that she developed a recurrence one tumor size 2.5cm on the new liver and 6cm tumor on the abdominal wall.

We are thinking of using a new oral medication called Naxavar.

I would highly appreciate a response from someone who has passed the same experience?
Anyone who has used Nexevar and benefitted from it!

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