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High Tg count

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I'm 37 year old female, who was recently diagonised with pappillary thyroid carcinoma in July 2010. I also had the same dialogue that it was one of the best cancer to be had.(yeah right) I was mis-diagonised with pneumonia twice before being reffered to to a pulmonary specialist, who suspected lung cancer, and when I opted to wait instead of lung biopsy, I had an FNA of the thyroid and swollen lymph node which was inconclusive. I opted for TT in Aug 2010. It was a 10 hr surgery, with a knicked vocal chord. I ended up in ICU for 2 weks, as I had to learn how to swallow again.

This was followed by a high dose of RAI. when my TG was done, it came back as very high it is 1500. I started looking at all the websites about high Tg count and got worried more as people were talking abt high Tg count when they were talking abt it being in double digits. I am now beyond the point of worry and at the point of taking things as they come. can anyone comment would appreciate it

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I'm so sorry you had to go through such a hellish surgery.
TG is definitely something to watch. And you should take one thing at a time, sometimes that is the best way to handle things. But don't live a constant state of worry.
If your RAI was recently done your TG can still decrease.
Have you had a scan other than the full body done after the RAI?
Did your RAI scan show uptake?
If you haven't had your lungs checked (as you stated you where waiting) I would go ahead and do that too.
You may have this enemy of ours somewhere they didn't find at first. That is what I'm going through now, we are trying to find it.
Once located, either surgery, radiation or a trail.
I know this isn't easy or the best cancer to have. But fight. Fight for every scan out there until you find where this is. Fight for every treatment. And fight for good doctors.

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Hi Diane,

Thank you for your encouraging words. My new Tg count is not in yet. I am waiting for my first CT scan in March after the RAI I had a nuclear scan after RAI and it showed uptake in the lungs and bladder region. as my previous CT already showed the mets in my lungs I think the docs are going by that.

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i got my doc to print out my labs since before my thyroidectomy till present

looking at my TG levels I am wondering if you have the units wrong or such cause that dose seem very high

post TT prior to RAI TG 2.94ng/mL (30 Mar 2010)
RAI treatment (5 May 2010)
most resent TG level <0.10 ng/mL

hopefully the units in your scan were diffrent

for normals
0 - 34 ng/mL or (ug/L) for patients who still have their thyroid gland and

0 - 3 ng/mL or (ug/L) for patients following surgical removal and thyroid ablation
if they gave you difrent units that might be part of the problem

when looking up the normals online i found a few sites that list Triglycerides as TG as opposed to Thyroglobulin

the normals for Triglycerides are <160 mg/dL

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Hi there-
I agree with Diane that your Tg may still decrease. it can take up to 12 months to see the effects of the RAI. You'll proabably be getting your Tg tested every 3 months. Also, you may need another dose of RAI to get rid all the cancer (or most of it). If your Tg still stays elevated over the next year then another dose if probably in your future (sorry) as long as the cancer still responds to RAI. You may want to explore RAI by dosimtery. Dosimetry is blood test that allows the highest dose of RAI for an individual. I had it RAI recently and it was 300 mci dose. I also have lung nodules (about 10) with the largest being 5mm. I also have a bone tumor.

So sorry you had to go through a horrible recovery. I hope you are feeling better now!!!! Best of health to you and please let me know if I can help.

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