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Breast Cancer 24 years

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I had Stage 3A breast cancer in February 1987. I had a 22 year remission and then had a recurrence (confirmed by biopsy) of the same original breast cancer--metastasized to my ribs. That was 2 years ago. I am doing well now on arimidex and zometa. But still fighting.

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cancer survivor x 4
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Good Morning,
I also had breast cancer 20 years ago and recurred in the same breast in the same area and then the next year in the other breast. All 3 times it was a stage I. The following year I got ovarian cancer. Stage 2. I am now almost 2 years out from the ovarian cancer and doing okay. Gee, I think I have had enough of this. Don't you think???? Love Ya, Paula

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Sometimes it is sad to think that I have had cancer nearly as many years as I have not had cancer. But if chronic cancer is my fate, I guess it beats the alternative ;-) Keep fighting Paula!

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the longer you are cancer free the better I think!! 

It‘s a bit depressing thinking that I’ll never be cancer free but there are others out there that will never be diabetes free or hypertension free!! So let’s just get on with it. Be glad for the days we can get up and are alive to live life!! Every day is a gift from God. Another day we can spend with family and friends!!!

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