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Woo Hoo I broke outta there!

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Hey! Honey, I'm home ....

Ya can't keep the mean ones down too long ... LOL

Had a fun ol' time in the hospital .. NOT. Glad to be home so maybe now I can get some rest. They kept waking me at 3:30am for labs, then again at 4:40 for vitals ... and it just never ends there.

Good news is I got a bunch of scans and everything is looking good with the scans. I will discuss them further with the onc when I see him next but, he said that from the quick look he was happy with scans.

Bad news is I have another hernia that caused the obstruction in my small bowel not my colon where my other hernia I've been dealing with. On top of the 2 hernias I have a lot of adheshions and the docs wanted to do surgery immediately as they are worried about more obstructions. My onc agreed with me that we could probably wait until after chemo so it is done with my reversal. I just have to be really careful about my food intake. seems that a big old wonderful bran muffin might have been the culprit to the obstruction. So funny how the good for you things aren't good for you when you have cancer. What's up with that?

PLTs still down too low for chemo but onc agreed I could come in on Monday and get labs first to see if they are up enough for chemo. His first response was no chemo on Monday ... but, I'm usually pretty good bouncing back so we'll see Monday morning after labs. I just don't want to keep pushing treatments back as it just makes it longer to surgery time. and longer I have to keep dealing with the hernias and adheshions (what a pain that is).

So ... I'm better and happy to be home. Thank you to all ... Love you guys. HUGS

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Here's hoping you get your chemo, and get them over with so you can have your surgery and some R E L I E F!!!
Love at ya girl,
Winter Marie

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Love you, you college student, you! I'm so happy to hear all your wonderful news. Keep it up. HUGS

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welcome home you! isn't it great getting out of there....so tiring being in hospital....haha good to get home for a rest.....

hope your blood is up by Monday so you can get that chemo behind you....sorry about the obstruction Lori....have never had one....must hurt like all get out.....

ok kiddo....a hug and a kiss


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I'm going to cinema right now! See you in a few hours!
Hugs dear!

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good to see ya back..........Buzz

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Hi Lori,

I'm so glad to hear you're home and are now doing alright. What a pain- literally and figuratively both! You've had more than your share of difficulty, that's for sure.
How is your son doing?
You are both in my prayers- take care!


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Kerry S
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There be that sexy smile that I have missed. It has to feel damn good to get out of there.
Happy for the good scans.

Kerry (old coot that loves ya)

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Dear Lori, so very glad that you were able to 'escape' the gentle attentions of the hospital staff.

Also good news about the scans, seems everything is working out.

Hope that the counts are up on Monday so you can get the treatment and be that much closer to the surgery which will help you feel all better.


Marie who loves kitties

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I am glad you broke out of there. Hospitals are no fun! Feel better.

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Yes, obstructions are a real pain. That's what sent me in. I couldn't keep anything down including any meds as everything came back up with minutes of eating. I tried all my usual methods to deal with it but, all the turning, massaging and pushing in the world didn't unstick things. Since I wasn't able to keep pain meds down the cramping was like wild tigers fighting with claws and teeth in my guts. OUCH. Now, I'm going to have to be even more vigilant with my diet and how and when I eat. It's like an obsession. I'd call it an eating disorder if I didn't have this to watch out for. Also, today I feel like I've done a year of situps non stop. All the cramping really must have been bad to have my abs feeling this sore.

Thanks for asking of my son. The doctors last week had a transplant/immunodeficiency expert fly in to asssess him. They are trying to determine if there is any way to get him on the lung transplant list at Standford. It's not looking as if he can qualify but, we're trying anyway. The docs said less than a year but most likely less than 6 months because his heart will give out trying to make up for the nonfunctioning lung. My son says that it's weird to feel his lung flopping around in his chest. He can feel it flop against his ribs and when he turns certain ways can feel his heart beating against it. Yikes ... sounds so wierd. He is putting on weight now that he is home with mom though, so at least I can feel that he's getting somewhat healthier. All of your thought and prayers have been so appreciated.

Thanks everyone for all your great support.

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Soooo glad you are home! I hope you can relax this weekend and have chemo next week (I know that sounds screwed up to wish chemo on someone but you know what I mean.) Hugs to you.

Thinking of you and your son.


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God luck my dear Mate!

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Lori...you sound so upbeat and positive! You never cease to amaze me in the 4 months I've cyber known you! One of these days I will make it to Vegas again but maybe after your reversal and hernia repairs....then watch out strip here we come! We'll have to get the map layout of the restrooms in advance. lol and I bet Raquel will be there too!

So glad you're back home and spirits are up! :)

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I'm glad you are home and feeling better.

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That's great! I'm so glad you're home, and it looks like they didn't remove your "feisty."


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Glad your home and hoping you feel better soon.


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I can definately understand....I ended up with 9 obstructions...2 total, and 7 that tried for the brass ring....lol!

With your fighting spirit, dear Lori, I'm sure you will be 'right as rain' in no time!!!!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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Lori you're going to turn the rest of what's left of my chemo hair totally grey worrying about you. It's good to have you back home chemo buddy. Sorry I jumped ahead of you while you were vacationing in the hospital while they and waited on you and those great hospital gowns designed to not fit and expose ones "disposition"...not to mention the hospital food. I have #9 coming up. # 8 wasn't so bad I hope the rest of your Folfox treatments go better and get back on schedule. Seriously kid take care of you! Hugs Lou

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Dear Lori,

did they have a warning on that deadly bran muffin. if not you should sue them.
have you still got the receipt ? this could be big bickies, I mean lots of moola.
probably only the lawyers will get rich though. just a thought.

I seriously missed your name popping up here and there on posts.

I felt you must have been ill.

welcome back, sorry to about the hernias and adheshions.

I'll also stay away from pesky healthy bran muffins, lets just straight to the donuts, see we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't . just love this illness. sometimes don't know if I am coming or going. just way to many divergent opinions.

good luck with the food, maybe some more mash potatoe and pumkin coming your way.

welcome back,


Anonymous user (not verified)

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Glad your home and feeling better. Happy to hear of your scan results. Your surgery will soon be around the corner. I'm in the same boat. Waiting for the reversal and a hernia repair. I experienced my first blockage the other day. I ate too many almonds.....mmmmmm, but they were yummmmy! But it was painful. Just take care of yourself and so you can get all your chemo and be done with that. I'll keep you and your son in my prayers. Blessings from Lourdes.

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Welcome home! It's so nice to see you back on the board. Best wishes with the upcoming surgery. Take care, Cynthia

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