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Tips n Toes

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Anyone who talks to me on a semi-regular basis understands what I'm talking about: getting my nails done and getting a pedicure. This is the ultimate ME thing I do ($50 every 2 weeks and I feel like a million bucks). Last year at this time when we hadn't been invaded by the boogeyman, I could have cared less. Only the Staten Island stuck up b!!!!es got that done. Now if I go for more than 2 weeks I actually turn into a half crazed woman on a mission. THIS NEEDS TO GET DONE RIGHT NOW.

So my question is this: Am i the only one that has this ME thing? and even better am I the only one that gets nuts when it doesn't get done?

After 3 days closed due to snow my nail place is open today. EEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Thinking about a french with 2 shades of green, darker on the tip. I know, I'm a New York whack job. But at least I'm fun!


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Hey girl, you deserve some "ME" time!!! When ya get your nails done with the green, how bout some gold too for the GREEN BAY PACKERS??' I'm from Wisconsin, so had to throw that in.
How's Patrick doing??? I'm sure it's hard to be patient all the time, but I do know that you love him and are taking good care of him. You never know when the time will run out ya know?
Almost fell on my a-- when I stepped out the door this morning. Had freezing drizzle last night. All I thought of was "here, I'll lay, cause Tom isn't here to pick me up"!! Went back in the house and put on some better shoes. It was funny I could just hear Tom laughing!!!!!!
Well take care! "Carole"

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I picked green for a specific reason (sorry ladies n gents this is just for me :)) but if I put gold on, I'd have to put black on too. GO STEELERS!!

I love hubby, but ya there are sometimes all I can do is smile because I want to strangle him. All part n parcel of being young into the marriage I guess (be 4 yrs in May) i do the shoveling and salting so if I fell n busted my a$$ it would be my own fault. If things were different, Pat would be laughin at my klutziness any way. Aren't we so loving? HA HA HA

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I am sort of taking a break, but I still check in. When I am stressed the first thing I do to get my life bak is nails and hair. Everyone has cabin fever cuz I went today andit was crowded like 4th of JUly. I am trying to get my life bak. Isn't Pat's Bday this week. Happy early Bday!

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Is this a cancer thing, I ask this cause I JUST decided that I am going to PROFESSIONALLY get my hair done from now on. I set up my first appointment for Feb 10th. I was just like you, could have caed less if I got my hair done in a salon ( my sister is a sylist ) and she has always cut my hair, or colored it when i felt the urge, but for some reason.. NUH -UH... Not anymore. I am going to an actual salon to get beautified :)I am going to continue it too. I am branching OUT *lol*, and feel like breaking the bank to do so :) Missy

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I don't think this is a cancer thing. I think this is a "If I don't do this i'm not going to be good to anybody and everybody needs me right now so get the he!! away from me and let me do it" thing.

I was more curious to see if anyone else got as nuts as I do when I can't get it done.

And yes Ketz, Pat's birthday is on Tuesday. He will be 40. Thanks for remembering :)

And before I forget - ENJOY THE SALON. spring for a couple more things you usually wouldn't if you can. The feeling of being taken care of for a little while instead of doing the caretaking is amazing.

Now if I could just get a cab to come when I call so i don't risk loosing my newly painted toes . . . .

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I've never been a tips or toes person. i could probably count the times I've had either a pedi or manicure on both hands...perhaps one.
But my pampering is my monthly massage. Actually, it started out as a luxury/pampering thing years ago. Now, it is actually a medical necessity. If I didn't see my massage therapist once a month, I would probably be in physical therapy much more often. And if something ever screws up my standing appointment time, I do get upset.
So do whatever floats your boat girl and enjoy it!!

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I like the sound of being pampered. I think I'll do something for myself too. I just can't decide what it will be. I'm not the manicure or pedicure type. I do like massages. Just maybe I'll get one of those. Wow - I'm feeling so liberated and excited now. Something just for me -I'm just not used to it but it sounds like something I need to do.

Thanks for the wake up call.


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I do ART (massage on steroids) as a me thing every three weeks. My husband encouraged me to keep doing this up until the end as he wanted to make sure I was OK.

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and a very wise man he was :)

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