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Saturday's almost over....and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

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We left the house this morning while it was still dark, and headed to North Holland. Another swap meet...lol! It has turned VERY cold here, never reaching above freezing, even during the day. But the sunrise was MAGNIFICENT!!!! There was so much water in the air, and on the frozen ground, that a mist hung just above the fields. But then, above that, the sun rose in a firey orange ball!!! All the frost on the trees sparkled with the coming light...

Not much to find at the swap meet, but there was a delicious bread with raisins, true Drenthe (one of the provinces in The Netherlands) bread, that I could NOT resist! And some lovely 'snoep' (candy) to enjoy in the car. I was grateful today for the seat warmers in the front seats...and my sunglasses...the way home was straight into the sun, it's so low this time of year!

Tomorrow is another trip, another swap meet. It's a big one, and there will be everything there from antiques (my beau and I...lol) to new stuff. All of these, in typical Dutch style, are indoors this time of year...so there is no bother with the weather...smart!

I'm still searching for deals to London to meet up with Kathy and Sonia...looks like an overnighter!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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It sounds like a perfect day!

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Hoping you can make it!!!!

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You just have the most wonderful days, don't you? *smiles*


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