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Radiation with Hormone Therapy-Firmagon

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Hello Kongo ,VGama & ALL wanting to follow my journey. I took the advice of Kongo & will post my journey on this site.

A few details> Original PSA was 55 , Gleason score of 9. Both Bone scan & MRI were clear-no metastasis. Also had a cystoscopy & confirmed nothing spread to the bladder. Had 3 gold seeds inserted into the prostrate January 12,2011 which will act as a GPS to guide the radiation beam to the prostrate. Latest PSA after two shots of Firmagon was>4.1 Got a third shot in the stomach 0n Jan.26th --in a month I'll see what the new PSA reading is--
hoping it goes to zero especially with the radiation treatments helping it along. The prostrate also shrank & was 17 grams vs. original of 30.

Yesterday -January 28,2011 I was told I will be receiving a wide beam dose of radiation (180 Grey) with 80 concentrated to the prostrate. (I was very concerned with the high dosage & questioned it)This will cover the siminal vesicles & lymph nodes in case any microscopic cells are located there. I was also told-The higher dose to the prostrate alone is to help assure the cancer doesn't return in years to come.
After some research, I accepted it & just for info> according to CURE magazine ---radiation is the NEW surgery without using a knife.
Two sessions were held prior to the start of actual radiation. One was to make a form fitting mold of my upper torso, apply 3 very small tattoos(size of a freckle)to the area being treated again for alignment of the form assuring I'm in the same position every day--similar to a jig if your a machinist.
The second was a simulation run to take X-ray pictures for proper mapping of the beam. Treatment day> you undress in a private room (remove everything from the waist down--you can keep your shirt & shoes on)--I was given a gown & a sheet to wrap around myself due to the open rear. I laid on a table with the VARIAN machine directly above me , the technicians adjusted me via moving the sheet around & adjusted the table to line up all the marks,the body cast was installed & the technicians left the room. They stay behind a 5 ft. thick wall but can talk to me with a microphone etc.-pictures are also on monitors they watch. The machine made two 90 degree arcs on both sides of my body --I didn't feel a thing & it was over (time -less than 10 min.) Forgot to mention I had to drink 16oz. of water prior to start --this helps keep the bladder out of the way. Got up, went to dressing room & left. So far so good--no discomfort but realize this was my first treatment. Hopefully this initial dose killed some of the cancer cells. Cordially
Radiation Hopeful

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I wish my urologist did more ,maby the shots(prostate came out in a operation). Just finished the IMRT 39 sessions The tattoos are a major factor. No modesty here .Your issued pants and they are stored in a tray,where you pick them up and change into them modesty goes out the window as you lay on the table under the varian. You hike down the pants and the female techs descretly apply a sheet right down to the public hairs to line up the machine with the tatoos. To me it was a big deal at first .After 16 days in a row.You don,t even think about it.Once the session was finished I used to wait untile the tech came back in the room ,but once the machine started to return to the home position I would have the pants pulled up and ready to leave.


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