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My Mom, 49, comfirmed to be in final stage of liver cancer...Cry

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My Mom, 49, comfirmed to be in final stage of liver cancer...Cry...
I am 21, I am the single child. My dad dumped us when I was born, so as you can imagine how tough she is. I love my mom so much, she is such a nice person, she helps people and she covers for her relatives' debt but nobody would be willing to help her back at this time...Why are those people so mean and cruel??? Why does my mom, my mommy dearest, deserve this??

Every time I see her suffering from pains, every time I think of the future life without her, I just can't stop crying...

I am a big boy, but I just can't control my emotions well...

Those hospitals in China have refused to take care of my mom due to the fact that they (doctors) cant get commission and we are poor.

So, what I can do is to stay with my mom and watch her die??? IS that the only option???

God...I just can't accept this.

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I hate to hear this about you and your mom. She doesn't deserve this, and neither do you. Pray about this, and don't give up keep reaching out for help.

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Balmain - I am 28 - I just lost my dad at the age of 56 to sarcoma of the lung. I know how you are feeling, and I pray that you're able to find the resources you need to help you and your mom. I know this site is a great resource and many members are informative, and knowledgable. I hope you find the information you need. I will pray to G-d that you find the answers you're looking for, and that your mom gets the treatment she needs to fight this awful disease.

My thoughts are with you.

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