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Is it possible to have OVCA with no palpable mass via pelvic exam?

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I am a 47 year old bc survivor 2 years, and presently have most all symptoms of ovca. Today I went for a pelvic exam due to symptoms ( I only have one ovary and fallopian tube remaining-right ovary removed due to torsion, then later same year had hysterctomy (uterus and cervix removed) ). Gyn stated my ovary felt of normal size and noted nothing abnormal.

However, due to my history with bc and my present symptoms, he ordered a CT scan for chest/ab/and pelvis for Monday, and also did a ca-125 blood test, and a pap (for which I'm not sure why as I have no cervix). Some medical hx: my beloved Sister passed of kidney cancer at 53, have cousin who had bc, grandfather had colon cancer. Oh, and I also had an incidental finding of severe anal dysplasia after a hem'ectomy some time ago. (Still need to follow up on this).

My question is this please: Considering no mass palpable during pelvic exam and the fact gyn said ovary felt of normal size, isn't it highly unlikely anything would be found on the CT scan in pelvic area as far as ovca is concerned? Has anyone known of anyone's ovca being missed (a mass of some sort) on pelvic exam and then showing up on CT?

All comments are absolutely welcomed and appreciated. Any advice, suggestions? All thoughts encouraged!
Thank you to all of you courageous women.
Warmly, D

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I had a pelvic exam and nothing was abnormal but Dr. order CT and CA 125 because of symptoms and I had a large mass. I was dx with ovca stage 111. I really hope your scan/ca125 comes back clear. I will say a prayer.

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Thank you for your honestly Joan, I appreciate it. And thank you for your warm thoughts and prayer. Take care of you.
Warmly, D

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They usually draw the CA125 and order a trans-vaginal ultrasound first, instead of jumping right into a CT scan. Those tests are much less intrusive, less expensive, and highly accurate for OC diagnosis.


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I had NO symptoms and went for my regular yearly gyn check up in June '10 where trans vaginal ultrasound found suspicious looking cyst on surface of one ovary. No palapable mass could be felt!!! Diagnosed with stage IIc ovca. I had breast cancer 11 years ago!!!!!!!!!
Good luck with forthcoming tests, keep positive and keep us informed.
M x

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I had a pelvic exam and an ultrasound in April 2009 due to pain in my ovary. The ultrasound showed a 5 CM cyst on the ovary and a thickened endometrium. They did a D & C and a follow up ultrasound and pelvic exam at the end of May. The cyst had shrunked to 2cm and everything else was normal, except I was experiencing some pain. Two doctors did pelvic exams. They plus another doctor told me I was fine and was just having pain from scar tissue (I had had the left ovary removed 10 years earlier due to endometriosis).

I went to see the doctor again in mid-July due to the pain. She ordered an ultrasound, and this time it looked odd. A CT scan was done and that was when I was diagnosed with what turned out to be stage IIIc ovarian. A bit after the fact, the doctor then did a CA-125 and my level was around 4,600. While talking to my former doctor after treatment, she said they should have done a CT scan at the start due to my combination of symptoms.

I hope your symptoms turn out to be nothing, but I am glad they are doing all the testing.

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