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Weather update

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G'day all,
Well after all of our floods we have just had a week of beautiful sunshine , including Wednesday,Australia day ,our National day. Now we are under the threat of three cyclones. To the uninitiated ,cyclones are the same as hurricanes ,they just spin in the opposite direction. West Australia has had one roaming up and down their coast for a week. Now we have one off the central Queensland coast ,it is catergory three and is expected to impact the coast on Monday morning. The other is a massive deep tropical low forming off Fiji in the Coral sea . Computer models have it becoming a cyclone today or tomorrow. The same models believe it will be catergory five and will follow the path of the one hitting on monday. The problem with these systems is that not withstanding the damage they cause hitting populated areas they invariably turn into severe rain depressions once over land. All of our present floods were caused by a catagory one cyclone turning into a rain depression. All of our emergency services are on high alert once more and those in the impact area are batterning down the hatches,tho there is only so much you can do.
Everyone in the state has their fingers crossed that they may change direction. Another difference between cyclones and hurricaines is that the latter follows a set path whilst cyclones are erratic and go wherever they please. At this point we are looking at the possibilities of two Katrinas in a week. Good health to all .Ron.

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Praying for your safety and that of your countrymen.

Having been in FL during the summer of hurricanes some years ago, just the nervous anticipation is more than enough without the actual event.

Please stay in touch as you can so we know you are alright.


Marie who loves kitties

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Haven't you guys been hit with enough weather issues? I hope the reports are wrong, but be safe. Thanks for checking in.

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Oh, my goodness. Praying you will be safe, Ron!


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Dear Ron, stay safe, warm and dry!!!!
By golly, how you all have suffered there this past month or so.
Winter Marie

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I'd say you have all been through enough. I hope everything downgrades and doesn't hit in the populated areas. So sorry to see our Aussie friends go through this.


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Stay safe Ron!

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Hi Ron,

Glad to hear from you and that you are okay- will be watching the weather news to see what happens with these cyclones.
Take care of yourself-


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Kerry S
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I would say hunker down or get the hell to high ground.

We had tornados here last week or so. The scary old woman was at Walmart at the time. Walmart put them all in the safest place in the store until it passed by. Lots of trees down here at the farm. Ah firewood!!!!

Be safe


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Hi again,
It's 1045 pm sunday evening ,cyclone anthony is just crossing the coast at a town called Bowen on the North coast of Queensland. It is unlikely we will get damage reports till morning. It was a catergory 2 storm and with a bit of luck it will not have caused too much damage and hopefully no casualties. It will now move inland as a rain depression.
The real problem is cyclone yasi , it is heading towards the Queensland coast and is about five times the size of Anthony. It is expected to cross the coast further south,possibly just to the north of Rockhampton and they can only guess at its catergory at this point from 2 to 5. It is expected to cross the coast in the next three days. Where I live should not see much of the storm but we may get some rain later in the week,Cheers Ron.

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might be time to update your insurance.

hope your ok,


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G'day all,
It's too hot down south Pete,I looked at the temps in the southern states today,melbourne 39deg cel,adelaide 42 deg cel ,ceduna 45deg cel. It's way cooler in the tropics ,only 29deg cel on the coast today.. Cyclone Anthony at cat2 did about as much damage as expected mainly vegetation ,a lot of trees and power lines down but little in the way of structural damage. Bowen copped a hiding but the main problem is the rain,they got 14 inches in a couple of hours in the pioneer valley behind the impact area. The next one Yasi scares me a bit ,not for myself but for the people in it's path. It is huge,Kerry it makes the scary old lady look like tinkerbelle. They expect it to hit thursday,most models have it as cat4 by then. Central to north coast is the target and most experts expect damage and serious flooding rains to accompany it.I often wonder how cancer patients fare under these conditions. It must be hard to be sick,fighting for your life then having to face down something as scary as Yasi and still remain rational enough to think clearly in an emergency.
I'm still living with the mould gracie. I am well aware of its danger and try to keep it under control. I have been in the same situation for three years now so I guess if it was going to kill me it probably would have by now. I do appreciate your concern and I certainly don't take it lightly Stay well everyone. I am not posting these stories for any other reason than it may be of interest to some of you and may just give your minds a wee break from the all consuming day to day battle with disease. Stay well Ron.

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here on the radio this morning they had the men's tennis match....just as a break from aussie disaster I think...good to know people can still attend the match.....

i am with gracie...worry sorry about you and fuss


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