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Something to Smile About

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This isn't a big thing to most people but it made me feel so good to see my daffodils popping up out of the ground today. In a few weeks we'll have flowers. On top of that I had a whole flock of very fat Robins in my backyard this week. Spring is on the way. I would kill for a day in the 70's.

All you snowbunnies up north - come on down! NC has great weather in the very southeastern part of the state. That's why we moved from NY. I just couldn't shovel another sidewalk. But as things go we had 4 inches of snow a couple of weeks ago. That doesn't seem like a lot to you guys up north but we don't have any snowplows here. It shut school down for two days and closed the airport. It looked pretty but after the second day I was done with it.

Have some hot chocolate, hot coffee or a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage and enjoy the weekend as much as you can. Take time to appreciate all the little things. Every moment is precious as you well know.


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...for such a great reminder of all the miracles taking place around us if we just slow down to see them. Your positive thoughts in the midst of all that you and your family are going through is just amazing.......

As for the snow, we were tired of it too, so we are down south for a few weeks so Gary can recover somewhere warm. I love the snow (and hot chocolate!), but it's sure nice to be able to get him outside!

Take care, sweetie!

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I live in the midwest amd cannot wait for spring to get here. I really love winter, I really do, but I have had enough cold. Plus to get back outside will be really nice. Once I see y fist tulip, Iknow warmer days are fast approaching!

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If you can notice the daffodils (which are weeks away from coming up from under the 2 feet of snow in my yard) then I bet you're doing a bit better.

I do my best to enjoy each day in the moments I have. Thank you for reminding me to look for the little things too :))

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Skipper how wonderful. Spring time is a rebirth, new life. I remember after Hurricane Katrina looking at all the destruction, the ugly side of nature. While cleaning up there was a beautiful red/white rose under the debris, sitting on the window sill sat a red cardinal. I had a warm feeling that everything was going to be alright. I realized that when there is terrible things happening around you there can still be beauty in the world.

Keep looking for the beauty. Take care.

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