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Thyroid Nodule Results

hopeful girl 1
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Had my thyroid nodule biopsy one week ago. I finally called today and left message for results as I had not heard yet. I received call back and the test was benign. What a relief.

I will be monitored with ultrasound again in 6 months.

The second solid nodule that radiologist did not biopsy is ok with the surgeon, as it was determined to be too dangerous to test-it was too small would be at risk of poking an artery or something with needle. The other nodule was benign.

I am so relieved. I was treated for uterine cancer stage 3C all last year-last chemo was November, and so now I can have a break, until my 3 month follow with oncologist for that.

I wish all of us well in our shared battles.

Healing and peace to all!

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This is such great news! I am so happy for you. With all that you have been through this is surely a huge relief. Keep in touch with us!

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Yes i am happy that it is benign as well congratulations

hoping your other fight goes well and please keep us informed.

hopeful girl 1
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Thank you to both of you. You have been a comfort to me with your responses and informative knowledge and encouragement on these boards.

Thank you for the well wishes......

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A couple things....First off, BIG Congrats! Any good news is great news on this board!

I also have a lymph node deep in my neck that they can't biopsy at this time unless it grows, then a surgery biopsy will be needed. In the triangle area of the neck....wonder if yours is the same area? So they are "watching it"....

Also, I had ovarian cancer S1 last January. I asked the oncologist if they are related since they are both "hormone" related and he said.....NO, they aren't related. I have to wonder how common this is to have both? Hm.....

Anyway...hope your other lymph shows up benign! Friends did a healing circle for me and it went global! ha. So, I'm bringing in all my thyroid buddies on this board in my healing circle as well. The more positive energy the better!

Hugs all!

hopeful girl 1
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Joined: May 2010

Hi there.
I can't help but wonder if the there is a correlation with thyroid and ovarian, or uterine cancer as well. There is another one or two on the uterine board that have also had thyroid nodules and are being monitored.

Or perhaps chemo and everything the body goes thru' with that creates a thyroid issue.

Peace and healing.


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Hi There...just thought I'd mention that I know that breast cancer and Ovarian cancer are related - my family has had a large amount of people with thryoid cancer.
myself and two sisters have had thyroid cancer, and two nephews (of the sis that had thyc)both have had it as well.
the same sister also had breast cancer and now I am going through testing for breast cancer - waiting for path from my lumpectomy...

there is no "known" relation from thyroid to other cancers, but I am right now filling out paperwork to have a genetic study done - so who really knows??

take care...

Roxanne G
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Hi Everyone,
I had a needle biopsy a week ago on a nodule on the right lobe of my thyroid. The Dr. said it was inconclusive but there were hurthle cells present. My nodule is bigger than my thyroid! I am having surgery on the 17th of this month. I'm scared. The Dr. was kind enough to say that it was 50/50 that it is cancer. When I first went online to Google 'hurthle" cells all I saw was cancer, cancer, cancer! I understand that hurthle cells don't uptake RAI very well. How can one be sure that the cancer hasn't metastasized somewhere else? Anyone with more information that I have, please fill me in.

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Hi Roxanne G,

Yes, it is true that Hurthle cell cancer doesn't uptake iodine as well as other Thryoid cancers; such as Papillary, but often it does and RAI is the best treatment to kill any remaining Thyroid tissue (even if it doesn't uptake in the cancer cells) to avoid recurrence. Surgery alone can't remove all of the Thyroid tissue or it would cause damage to your vocal cords and larynx. The good news is that they didn't detect Medullary or Anaplastic. That would be a worse prognosis and harder to treat, usually with Chemo.

Quote: http://www.endocrineweb.com/conditions/thyroid-cancer/hurthle-cell-thyroid-tumor (If you haven't seen this site yet, it is very informative.)
Hurthle cell thyroid cancer is usually classified with follicular thyroid cancer, although it really is a distinct kind of tumor. It is an unusual tumor, making up about 4% of thyroid cancers and is only about one-fourth as common as follicular cancers.
Like follicular tumors, there are benign Hurthle cell tumors and malignant Hurthle cell tumors, and the pathologist tells the difference between them based on invasion of the capsule and the blood vessels. Benign Hurthle cell tumors are not a threat at all and should not come back once they are removed.

RAI isn't so bad, I am currently eliminating 178.3 mCi's that I took yesterday (first dose was 83 mCi's in September 2010). I am in isolation for three more days and it's kind of a nice little alone time vacation. I had Papillary Thyroid cancer in 2009 with a total Thyroidectomy in November of 2009. Recurrence, metastasis to the Lymph nodes in May of 2009 with a right neck dissection and then a re-do on December 17 2010 due to a really bad surgeon on the second surgery. I since changed surgeon's from an ENT to an Endocrine/Surgeon/Oncologist with very high credentials. ENT surgeons are great for the Total Thyroidectomy (which I recommend if they detected Hurthle cells, better one surgery than two). For metastasis I would find a more specialized MD. I could have avoided a third surgery and this second RAI treatment if I had seen the new surgeon sooner. But hind sight is 20/20 right. All I can do is make the best of it and pass along information to others about my experience. That's why I am on this site regularly, to help others to help themselves, keep a positive attitude and live to beat cancer.

My prayers and Blessings are going out to you. Please keep us posted.

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