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DR APTE at Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa

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Hello Sisters,
I am consulting with Dr. Apte at Moffitt in Tampa on Tuesday regarding full hysterectomy and removal of ovaries due to early stage ovarian cancer. I have looked online at his ratings on heathgrades and vitals.com and he had two terrible ratings(and no positive). I am hoping those were the only two disgruntled patients...Do any of you have experience with him? Were you happy with your care and procedure? I am suppose to have the robotic assisted surgery.
Thank you in advance so very very much!!

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Rebecca, I know absolutely nothing about your doctor but I would like to mention that if he is not a Gynecological Oncologist, I would look for a physician with that distinction. Studies show that women whose surgeries are performed by a Gyn/Onc specialist fare better.

Could you get a referral from your regular gyno, or your family doctor? What were the specific things other patients complained of? This could be a long-term relationship, as you will still, I'm assuming, have to be monitored and/or treated with chemo. I would want a doctor I had confidence in, and one who was accessible, easy to talk to, etc.


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My oncologist is planning to send me to dr. Apte to consult about second surgery and I would love to hear what you thought. Thanks !

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heed the good words from Carlene. Studies are clear that de-bulking surgery for ovarian cancer should be done by a gynecological oncologist/surgeon.

MD Anderson is right up I4 from Tampa. I would strongly recommend you go visit MD Anderson before making this important decision.

My wife has had excellent consultations and surgical outcome at MD Anderson in Houston.

Since you are at an early stage, you can take some time in getting the right doctor that you feel comfortable with.


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Like Morris said try and get into MD Anderson. I received all my treatments in Houston. Am 1 year NED Uterine Cancer Stage IIIC FIGO grade 2. The treatment there was wonderful.
Will be be praying for you.

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Just wondering how you are doing. Did Dr. Apte perform your surgery or were you swayed by the two ratings? I hope you are well.

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Hi, I just Googled Dr. Apte to get his number for my mother and came across your post. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in Nov. 2008. My mother thinks the world of him and his staff. He performed her hysterectomy in Dec. 2008 and urged her to do intense chemotherapy both IV and port (under her breast). She now goes every 6 mos and as of yesterday visiting Moffit her numbers are the lowest they have ever been! She tells everyone that he saved her life.

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Pamela B
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So glad to hear this.  I just saw Dr Apte yesterday for stage 3C ovarian cancer review.  Already had the surgery someplace else.  That oncologist was positive. Apte was neutral to negative. I thought he was a nice guy but not very positive or reassuring.  Very matter of fact.  Not helpful answers or hope to hang on to.  Maybe I got him on a bad day?

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Pamela, I was just reading your post, Can you tell me the name of the doctor you went to see? I am having second thoughts about Dr Apte, after less than a year of having surgery, and chemo (stage 3c Ovarian)  and doing visits every 3 months we got diagnosted with cancer again 1 tumor 5.5cm, everybody ask me HOW? funny thing is that since february I was telling him about a discharge I was having and he told me he didn't know what that was..... smile and told me is not cancer...... and look where we are today, I am desperate I need help.

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If you can help me you can send me a message to nury2u@yahoo.com

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