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Mass in colon ? What do I do ?

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I have just got out of Hospital and was told that I have a mass in my colon . They told me that they hope to be able to remove it . I just am wondering if there are options out there and what they are . I really dont have a clue about where to look for answers . Can anyone help me with this ?

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When they found a mass in my colon it turned out to be the tumor[cancer].You need to talk to the doctor ,and find out what you need to do next,like cat scans,etc.And go from there.Good luck.

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This doesn't mean that you have cancer but masses need to be checked and/or removed. He needs to set you up for a colonoscopy asap to actually check for tumor or breakthrough. Normally a gastroenterologist can determine whether it is cancer or not by taking a biopsy of the tumor or mass and having it sent through pathology...All the while you can be researching Drs Hospitals, Oncologists, etc, just in case you need them.....remember, it may not be what you think, and do not go on the internet and start looking at statistics, they are several years old, and will scare you to death, come here for all the info you need except for what scans and Drs tell ya....and we can save you miles of traveling and possibly thousands of dollars in things not needed.........all trial and error here, and all of us have been through the trial, we're just hopeful of no errors...LOL...so all will be well, get the gameface on and get busy getting this past you.....Hope and Peace through your journey......Buzz

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You didn't mention what you were in the hospital for? Was it a bowel obstruction?

The more info you can share about what happened and type(s) of doctors you may have already seen will help us to help you.

Please come back here and let us help you as you go through this. The folks on this board are full of information and compassion. There is nothing we don't talk about so don't be embarassed to ask anything.

Don't let panic get to you. One day at a time is how to deal with the unexpected.


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I am sorry you have this mass. You have come to a good place. I think you have already been given good advice. You need to know more about the tumour - location size, benign or not. Hopefully the hospital will do follow-up with you, but don't wait too long; call the doctor that told you about the mass + see what the plan is going forward.

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You need to have it removed! Praying it will be benign!


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sorry to hear the news, but from what i know surgery and chemo are the best bet...keep us posted, hugs to you guys from me and my family

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