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BOTOX Injection #3 -Notable Success

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Well for those of you who been been following my posts regarding continued incontinence and the use of Botox injections for treatment here's my current progress and report:

-24 Jan received Botox injection #3
-500 Units
-As of today I am noting a 20% improvement
-notable leakage reduction

After nearly 5 years of incontinence it took a 500 unit dosage to realize some positive results. I am hoping within the next few days I experience even better results.

After the first seven days have passed, that's the point where what ever has been achieved would have reached it's max.

Everyone is different, but of course if you read my previous posts , my 100 unit and 200 unit encounters resulted in 0 improvement.


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I am pleased to read about your improvement. Many of our comrades will benefit from your informative posts. Incontinence weighs very much in the thoughts of many when choosing a treatment.
I believe that my success in having no problems since surgery was due to the extensive caution of my doctor’s protocol regarding the after surgery care. I was “allowed” to leave the hospital only after taking off the catheter and that was done only after live imaging tests indicated a complete “cure” of the sphincter’s “V” shape neck.
Four days after surgery I was feeling fine and wanted to go home but discharge from the hospital were under the “orders” of my urologist. I am grateful that such happened. I never experienced incontinence but the first dribbling ten minutes at off-catheter.

Wishing you long lasting improvements

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After what appeared to be a 15 to 20 percent improvement on the 2nd and 3rd day after injection, I could safely say that the improvement has stopped and it appears that I am back to where I was prior to the injection. I guess Botox just dissolves in me.

Looks like I'll be talking to the Doc in Mar about electro-therapy.


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Lion1: I realized that Jan. 24 had come and gone and was going to post a question to you today re the Botox #3 results . . . but then saw your February 3 posting saying that even the 500 units didn't work. What a bummer.

You may recall in our previous discussion I was asking about InterStim vs. Botox (and other effective treatments for severe incontinence) for the two years following my RP (robotic) in January, 2009, and I was headed over to The Cleveland Clinic (Florida) on Jan. 14. The specialist there recommended (1) The external electrical stimulation of the nerves around the bladder (called the Urgent [that's the name for the equipment] percutaneous tibial stimulation); (2) The InterStim (similar, with battery-operated box implanted in you if they find it works), and (3) Botox injections.

I chose #1, mostly because it's external! Except I just found out that it's really not, for they inject the electrodes in an area around the ankle (!) adjacent to (not into) the tibial nerve; but the tibial nerve reportedly is what carries the electrical impulses upward to the nerves around the bladder.

Regrettably, I haven't started this treatment method yet, because of a communication mix-up, so I'm not happy that three weeks have already gone by, before the start of this semi-external regimen, which is once a week for twelve weeks. Once we get it started (or finished), I'll let you know whether or not it has worked. I'm still on 5-6 Depends a day.

When you said you were going to talk with your MD in March about electro-therapy, were you talking about the one I've chosen (semi-external stimulation of tibial nerve), or #2 above, the InterStim?

Sorry to read that the Botox didn't work for you, because that may eliminate #3 for me -- but of course I realize that everyone's different.

All kinds of good luck on your quest -- and I'll keep you posted. BTW, I hadn't known about the semi-external electrical stimulation approach until it was posted as a reply to my original question on this Discussion Board -- it hadn't been even mentioned by any of the three MD specialists I consulted (before going to The Cleveland Clinic). Also, maybe you should know that I have been told I have both stress incontinence and urge incontinence (over-active bladder), and the CC MD said the latter predominates -- so I guess that's one of the reasons for trying the semi-external electrical approach first. I also wonder if it doesn't work, how the InterStim (which sounds very similar) would.


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Yes #2 would be next.

I have heard of the Ultra and last time I checked it was not covered by my insurance. However, it really doesn't matter right now because my Doc is 170 miles away and that means I would have to take 12 trips to do this. Also, he hasn't offered this.


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