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Stereotactic Radiation update-good news

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Hello all

Yesterday was my last day of 1 to 1.5 hrs of being sucked down under plastic on a mold on a table while a machine out of some Marvel comic strip beams multiple times at me for what sometimes seems like an eternity. No, this was no walk in the park; however, it is having good results. The doc says I am having an excellent and early response: the two upper R(1.1 cm) and L lobe (4 mm) nodules are completely gone and the 2 lower ones (R one (7 mm) near the diaphragm and the other L one (1.2 CM) near the chest wall required IMRT) are porous and are fading quickly/or are scar tissue. In 6 weeks I get a CT scan here in Lander and go to Casper for a follow-up (March 10). Control for this radiation method is over 90%. So looks like I have bought some time here and am delighted.

So far minimal side effects though there is some fatigue and drop off in appetite and slight drop in WBC blood counts. Interestingly enough I have developed a craving for meat, particularly steak, medium rare (this happened last time during radiation/chemo)and I hardly ever eat meat. Yesterday at AppleBee's I had their new steak and potato and one egg spinach salad (9 points on Weight Watchers!) and a happy hr serving of onion rings which is my favorite junk food. I still lost 1.5 lbs last week so feel absolutely (now have lost 5% towards my goal weight) and no guilt feeding my body what it seems to crave. Radiation as a path to the state of no guilt! Hubby is so thrilled to be buying meat for me. He just doesn't seem to be as thrilled buying spinach. Don't worry all you juicers, still juicing and I imagine this carnivore thing will pass in time like it did before.

all the best, Leslie

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I'm so pleased you are doing so well, and may it continue.


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Dear Leslie,

I am so happy that you are having good results from the treatment.

As for the carnivore thing, the body knows what it needs...protein is good for healing.

Keep smiling and doing all the good things in life.


Marie who loves kitties

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Hi Leslie,

I'm glad to hear your update and that you are doing well! Feed that craving, as it's your body telling you what it needs.
Take care!!


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Sounds like a very favorable report:)

I did 30 of those IMRT and it was just more than I could handle at the end. I tried for stereotactic, but my remnants were in the chest wall too - they scraped the wall and got all they could.

I'm so glad for you and will be anxiously awaiting future updates from you.

Ride On!

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Im sure that left a good feeling with ya......all the best to ya'll, Buzz

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Kerry S
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Your body is telling you that it wants steak. Give it what it wants.
We are meat eaters. I normally don’t eat a lot of fruit as it has always caused the green apple quick steps with me. Hell when I was in chemo/rad I was eating fruit like mad. My body wanted it bad.

Lately my body wants McDonads (number 6 meal) double cheese burger and fries. Hell we are driving 34 miles a trip to get them a few times a week.

I am very pleased to see that my brush hogging buddy doing good. Yes we need green stuff to, but only to fatten up the damn cows so we can eat them. Remember God made bob wire to keep cows from getting away from us.


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Sounds really good Leslie...... So glad to hear this


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Sounds good, girlie! You keep up the excellenct work!


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I am glad you are having such a good response. I do think you have to listen to your body in regards to what you eat.

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That is not just good news, that is GREAT news! I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you enjoyed that steak!


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So glad that the stereotactic worked. Don't worry about the craving for meat I have that all the time, and give in all the time. LOL.
I hope things keep getting better for you.
Winter Marie

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so glad the zapping is working and enjoy the steak

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Thanks for sharing your good news. Zap zap those bugahs! I hope and pray they stay away.


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