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Anybody getting headaches from Arimidex?

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First of all, I never, ever get headaches. I started Arimidex quite a while ago--6 months, I think. So far, it's been okay for me. However, for the past couple of weeks--I've been getting frontal/occipital headaches. I live in Phoenix, so it's not the cold weather, or weather fronts coming through. Anyone?

Hugs, Renee

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I've been on it for almost 2 years. No obvious side effects yet. You should be sure your blood pressure isn't elevated which can cause headaches. I have read that was a potential side effect.


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I've been on Arimidex since Jan 5 and no headaches. But, I have major joint pain on top of my osteoarthritis. I'm calling my Rheumatologist tomorrow but I don't see onc til March. There's no way I can live with this kind of pain for 5 years! Hope your headaches go away.
{{hugs}} Char

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No headaches here. Other aches and pains, but not in my head! : ) xoxoxox Lynn

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I am not on it, but, I hope your headaches subside. Does your oncologist know? Any suggestion from him?

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Different Ballgame
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Started Arimidex on March 19, 2010. Discontinued for 2 months - November and December 2010. Resume Arimidex Generic in January 2011. Never had headaches as you described, just my normal, occasional sinus headache based on weather changes.

What happens if you take something to get rid of it? Do you take it the minute you feel the headache coming on? Does it help?

Excedrin is the only one that gets rid of my sinus headache. I have to take it the minute I feel it coming on and then it disappears quickly. If I wait a while before taking the Excedrin, then I have the headache for a longer period of time after I take the Excedrin.

Lots of Hugs,

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Jean 0609
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I am on Femera. I have to admit that I used to get headaches alot. However, for whatever reason after this breast cancer crap, my headaches stopped. I started Femera the beginning of December and have had a few headaches here and there. Just thought it was strange.


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I have an appointment on Monday--I've been getting elevated B/P readings, so maybe that's the problem as Roseann suggested. Yuk--just another stupid thing to deal with! I hoping to stay on the Arimidex as I've been doing well on it so far. We'll see.

By the way, Jean--love your new picture. What a beautiful baby girl! I can't wait to get one of those!

Hugs, Renee

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Along with the joint pain and stiffness, dry eyes and high cholesterol, I do get headaches that last two days-frontal/temporal area. My ONC says they are all side effects of the Arimidex. The headaches are not responsive to Tylenol and I can't take Motrin or ADvil type products. The Glucosamine and Chondritin has been very effective for the stiffness and joint pain. I am attending yoga classes to keep me flexible and active and I am using lubricating drops to manage the dry eyes and it works well. I've gone on Weight Watchers in efforts to bring down the cholesterol. I have to have it redrawn in March.
Plan to stay on it as long as I can....
Hugs, K

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but, my cardiologist (my cholesterol and bp have elevated as well) thinks I should have a brain MRI to rule out any pathology. I'd rather not--maybe I'll call my oncologist and see if the Arimidex is the culprit. If I knew it was from the Arimidex, I could stop worrying and just deal with it.

Hugs, Renee

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Yes, yes, yes! That was my main side effect from the Arimidex. I never get headaches either and while on it had them every single day! Onco switched me back to Tamoxifen and no more headaches! My BP is elevated but I don't know my cholesterol until my next blood work in March. Good luck!


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Yes, the headaches are every day. I have a call in to my oncologist to see what we should do next. Thanks so much for your kind support.

Hugs, Renee

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I went to 2 ENT's first. CT scan showed no issues.. maybe impacted wisdom teeth. Maybe allergies.. change the sinus sprays.. go off allergy meds.. Call to the dentist and a referral.. yes, I still have all 4, went to an oral surgeon, won't pull them because it won't help or stop the pain, they are not impacted or even sore. PLUS.. pulling one of them would break my jaw and would cause more issues. (easy on Arimidex) Not TMJ.He checked me for that.
Had 2 CT scans to see if anything growing in my head, no.
ready to see a neurologist. After reading your post, and changing the time of taking the arimidex.. and watching the mental confusion start in 2 hours after taking it and the headache starting 4 hours after that.. I have had gastric by-pass and can not take nsaids for the pain.. only opiates.. no way to live.. thank you for posting.. I am going to call my oncologist right now..

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I started (generic) Arimidex in April 2012 and after having almost no headaches in my whole life I now have them weekly. Not unbearable, but definately related to the AI. My BP has always been low, and is now up and down. I recently had cholesterol, EKG, and various Heart checks, and all was ok...slightly raised Blood Sugar, but watching diet for that. My PCP feels the occasional headaches are just a side effect along with bone/joint pain. I am also dealing with some issues from a earlier Anal Cancer so have a PRN low dose Oxycontin that does help but am trying to avoid. Yoga stretches and a good walk do wonders for me all around. Hope all improves,(5+) years of headaches is a long time! As always, all in my prayers.

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I've been on Arimidex for 3 months and the last few weeks I've been having headaches exactly like you described.  I thought it was sinus but after taking an antibiotic there has been no change. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I was beginning to get worried.  

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My headaches start about 30 minutes of taking half 1 mg anastrozole (generic) and do not stop until a day or two stopping the drug, justed called office and asked how my odds change if I go back to tamoxifen since I'm ER/HER2+++.  In morning I have to crawl a few yards first before being able to go upright.  I was on tamox for a year, started anastrozole in January and as of first 1mg dose got t headache, by three days my body was handicapped.  After first week I got huge cycsts in the mast breast that I'm waiting for results now, they are pretty sure no worry but one was 4cm (2"plus).  I have tried all combinations of dose and pulsing but cannot get body to not hurt with it.  The ringing of ears I got during chemo, but with this drug it turned up volume, my thumbs hurt and stopped working and drop everything, cannot keep up exercise anymore, and confusion and fog is bad.  In morning my feet are so cramped I look like a chimp's feet froze while gripping a 2" vine.  Sorry to hear others having same issue.  At present I'm trying to guess how I'd feel if I get recurrance knowing I stopped taking the drug and if I'd regret decision or not - so still waffeling on decision to stop.  Do not understand how ono's can practice without being aware of side effects, because so far, they have been surprised by all the side effects  I had and I commonly see in forums all during chemo, and oral endocrine treatments.

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