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MRI of brain this moring ~ UPDATE ~

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Wish me luck on fitting my fat head into one of them MRI thingy's!!


Everything seemed to be fine and my head did fit into the MRI. Why do them things need to be so loud? Anyways after I was finished the guy wanted to know if I had any family history of MS? I told him not that I know of and drove away wondering why he would ask such a question? Eather way I should get the results in a day or two and I'll keep everyone posted.

Brook's 3:15pm update

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Fingers and toes crossed that they find nothing (something your wife already knows!) up there in the noggin. Better safe than sorry so just take a deep breath and it will be over before you know it and you will be back home driving the wife crazy!

Hugs - Tina

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Keep your eyes closed and pray! Think good thoughts and it will be over before you know it. Then...........go out and do something special with your wife. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Paula G.
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Your head will fit fine and I am wishing you a good scan. Paula

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Good luck with the MRI!

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You wont need it, thinking of you.


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Mr. Fat Head. I will be pray that all is well with your brain. But, that would make you a few steps ahead of me since my brain is a bit crooked. ;)

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Kerry S
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Don’t forget to get your copy of the MRI CD. Then when you get home dup it. You keep the master.


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Best wishes Brook, I'll pray that everything is fine upstairs. Hugs, Cynthia

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Luck really has nothing to do with it but I will wish you the best anyways....God will be with you in that room and in that machine and he will protect you. I love the picture of you holding the sign and God willing one day I will be able to sit with my family and hold that sign as well...

God Bless my brother and I look forward to hearing how great things went...

Bobby in Dallas

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sending good vibes your way


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well, thats what my wife told my doc just prior to having one...I suspect you most likely have more upstairs than I do, and I think all of it is well........Love and Hope to ya Buddy

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Sending good thoughts and prayers to you!

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If you can endure the claustrophobia and the MRI noise, you'll be just fine! I'll be looking for your results and how it went. Take care, Brooks!


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if you put your left hand over your left ear and shined a flashlight into the right ear?
Hope they find nothing.......steve

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Hope the MRI thingy went just fine. And that you'll let us know what they found in that head of yours. (personally I'd be scared if it was me, I can hear it now: "Well Mrs. Egbers, we didn't find a whole lot of anything in there, you're a true blonde.")
Thinking of you, awaiting the results.
Winter Marie

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Thanks for the update. I had no doubt your head would fit in; I am sure they get a real "fathead" in there from time to time.

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Hello, He might of asked of ms history because it will appear as lesions on the brain. It probably was just a routine question, when looking for anything there. I wish you well. Lori

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Good luck with the scan results. Thinking of you!

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Great to hear from you Brooks. I'm sure the report will be all good. Thanks for the update. Be looking to hear about the outcome when you hear the news.


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Apparently they at least found a brain! *smiles* Hope the results are that you have the prettiest brain they've ever seen.


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I framed my MRI results...no one would believe that I did have a brain!!! Then,of course, my beau chimed in "Just because you have a PHYSICAL sign, doesn't mean it's functional!" ROFL!!!

As far as the MS...this MRI is one of the first tests that they do to check for it....it truly was routine....I was asked it, too.....no worries!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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send you my best vibes from here!

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Good thaughts and prayers your way. Hope all is clear. Good Luck Brooks! Blessings from Lourdes

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