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colonoscopy how soon

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Hey there everyone just wondering how quickly everyone had a follow up colonoscopy after surgery. I had my surgery back in March 2010 and then had one in April of 2010 to see if they got it all after the surgery. The surgeon said at that time we would do one in April of 2011 but he has now said we could skip to 2012 if I wanted. But I think I want to have one just to be sure especially knowing that the CT scan does not pick up anything inside the colon wall.

Bobby in Dallas

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Hi bobby I had a scope done every year for 3 years, then went to every 2 years after that. Mine have all been clear.

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a year and as all clear. They say my next on is at three

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Had my yearly last December next one scheduled for December 2012.

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Surgeon told me one year. Oh, I should mention that they found a couple of polyps that had appeared in the two feet of colon they had removed, since the two month colonoscopy and decided I had a tendency to get these polyps so that was the reason for the one year.
Winter Marie

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I had one (my 1st one ever) after I finished chemo, they told me to get them every 3 yrs now

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Hey Bobby, Good to see you back on-line! Actually, we recently had the same question for the new oncologist. She told Rick that he didn't need one since the odds were that the cancer would return to the liver or peritoneal cavity. However, when Rick spoke to his original colon surgeon, the doctor told Rick that he'd be more comfortable if he had one within the next two months. His statement was, "After all you've been through, why take the chance of having it come back in the colon when it's such a relatively simple test." So, that's the plan, we'll see the good doctor in a couple of months. Take care, Cynthia

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My first colonoscopy was six months after surgery, then one year after that. I don't know if the stage has anything to do with the follow-ups, but I was diagnosed as stage 1.

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had a resection in december, great surgeon. my gastro dr recommended a year follow up colonoscopy, so i'll be doing it in november. i'd do it every 3 days if he told me to, i guess i'm taking the overly cautious approach since dr's i've had over the past 10 years have said "you're too young for that, wait til you're closer to 50. well, i waited, and here i am at 49 with stage III. no symptoms, so what a surprise. sounds like you caught it early, thank God for that. i think you're smart going with the sooner rather than later approach.

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I wish they had caught it earlier but by listening to my old GP and not my body by the time it was found I was stage 4 and fighting for my life. Colon surgery, liver surgery and 12 rounds of chemo in the last 10 months. So I have decided that I will get another colonoscopy on Feb 26th just to have peace of mind to go with the CT scan I will get on the 1st of Feb and with both of those if they come back clean I will have a clean bill of heath and return back to work.


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I had one May 20, 2008- could only get as far as the tumor
June 3, 2008, had another one at Mayo- they like to do their own testing
colorectal surgeon kept at me to get one while going through chemo, she was concerned due to 75% of colon had not been looked at
I tried, but was too sick through chemo to have it done
Had my third one Feb. 1, 2009, this was before the take down of my colostomy-colon was fine
4th one was Feb 2010 and now I am clear for 3 years, or another 2 years.

I also have had yearly CT scans, June 11 will be the last one of those for awhile.

I think it is reasonable to be watched like a hawk for several years after surgery and chemo. I do remember the panic after chemo that I wasn't going to have a PET after 3 months, or really any extensive testing at all, other than the CEA every 3 months. This is the time we all go into the second layer of shock- the first was dealing with the initial cancer, the second is dealing with the possibility of a reoccurance. And as you can tell, scananxiety is a hugh issue for many in the recovery phase from cancer. Thankfully, at least for me, this has gotten better over time. It will for you too Bobby- you will get on with your life, your work, your family- you will start to NOT think about cancer all the time. Sometimes you will be blown away with, OMG I HAD CANCER! Somedays it will all feel like a bad dream.

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