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A good friend (high school classmate) had endo cancer the same time as me. We supported each other as she went through chemo for endo ca and me for breast cancer. Now that we're both back to our relatively normal selves, we thought it would be fun to have lunch with some of our other classmates (women only, of course). There were 11 of us yesterday. 7 were cancer survivors! Here's the breakdown:
2 - endo cancer
2 - breast cancer
1 - malignant melanoma
1 - thyroid cancer
1 - lymphoma
1 - kidney cancer

It was a little shocking . . . 63%!


  • Kaleena
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    What a nice get


    What a nice get together. Wow 63%. But what a way to celebrate with each other! I am glad you had a great lunch. What a great idea too!

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    WOW. Suzanne!
    It is shocking to see the percentage...but how wonderful that you could all get together, enjoy a wonderful lunch and share with your classmates. Quite a gathering!

    Keep it up!! Makes me smile!