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radio active seeds

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can anyone on the panel please share how radio active seeds are implanted in the prostate bed. is it major surgery?

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From what I have read typical procedure is done as 'outpatient'.
The patient will be given the "I don't care meds" Not sure if you actualy are put to sleep or not.

The patient then lays on the table with his legs in the stirups that women are used to. After 'draping' etc, they then use long needles to insert the seeds going in through the perineum into the prostate. I've not experienced this but that was the way the placement was described to me by a doctor in Atlanta while I did my research on chosing a treatment path.


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I went to the Kaiser Brachytherapy orientation program in Roseville, CA and was screened and had a volume study done in anticipation of BT, but decided to go w/CyberKnife treatment instead. The following is what I learned.

Typically, you are put under general anesthesia and they attach a grid to the peritoneal region between your legs and they insert the seeds w/hollow needles in your prostate using ultrasound and xrays to monitor the placement.

The entire procedure takes about 3 hours -- from the time you're put under and until you wake up. The actual placement of the seeds only takes 10-15 mins. You'll have to stay in the hospital only if you can't pee w/in a couple hours after the procedure. If you still can't pee the following day, they'll put a catheter in you (which is why you have to stay in the hospital) which will have to stay in a week or so.

Here's a video showing the entire procedure being done at a hospital in West VA:


There are other YouTube videos on BT. Just do a search for them, but this one give you a pretty good view of what is going to be done to you if you go w/BT. Good luck!

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Vader, my sense is that IMRT poses less risk of adverse side effects than seeds but I am not aware of any studies that compare efficacy or side effects of the two for a man who has already had RP. When consulting second opinions I would really grill the. Doctors on pros and cons.


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Swingshift has outlined the procedure well. I had barchytherapy in Roseville a few years ago (Jan 2008) and about the only difference in what he described and what I experienced is that I had a catheter inserted shortly after I awoke from surgery. They asked me if I could urinate and I said I couldn't because I hadn't had any liquid in 24 hours - duh! In went the catheter and I headed for home the same day. I had the thing in for four days.

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