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I may need radiation after my chemo ends and I wanted to know how bad the side affects are.

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I've been going for chemo and need radition as well afterwards, I work in a hosp as therapy tech, has anyone worked while on radition?

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What type of radiation? I had pelvic external which had some side affects such as overactive bowels and extreme tiredness, many after 2nd week until end.

I work from home so it was easy for me. Assuming a therapy tech is moving around a lot and interacting with patients? ONly thing I see is if you can get the bowels to settle down any job is possible and lastly get some rest, as accumulation of being tired is rough.

After treatments were completed, I was almost 100% back up and running withing 4 months.

How did you do with chemo? Why type drugs and how many? I had carbo/taxol 6 rounds and 33 sessions of radiation.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Thank you Jan,
Prob will be pelvic but I'm not real sure. I'm doing well with chemo also carbo/taxol. and a neulesta shot for white blood cells. I'm very tired and achey for 4-5 days after and not hungery at all. God willing I only have 2 more cheoms but I go for a ct scan tomorrow and I'm nervous about that.

Thanks for your help,

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As important as the question of what kind of radiation is what kind of work? I worked through radiation, but my schedule is very flexible. I did find it very tiring, especially in the last couple of weeks. Some people are more affected by the GI effects than others -- I took immodium and it usually did the trick.

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Worry not friend did 26 rounds and did not notice anything except a slight burning when I went pee. I found it helpful to close my eyes and pretend I was somewhere lovely

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Agree. Did 30. Make sure you use recommended cream immediately after, don't bath/shower in very hot water, use unscented soap. If you feel sick say so immediately as there are effective pills. I needed an afternoon lie down and read/snooze in the 4th week and lost a bit of weight as fancied a fruit only diet and drank heaps of fluids. Cranberry juice excellent. Celia

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I had radiation as part of my initial protocol treatment after surgery. 3 Chemos of taxol/carbo, followed by 25 IMRT radiations, followed by 3 more chemos taxol/carbo.

I was so scared about radiation but it was ok. You can do it!

My radiation doc told me to make sure to have Immodium on hand, that I would need it, and he was right-evenutally I did need it. I also got very tired after a few weeks of the treatment. And I would feel alittle queasy afterwards, so I would bring crackers to snack on for the drive home.

But it is all very do-able, you won't feel anything while they do it. It's painless.

Best wishes and healing thoughts to you.


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