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Confused1 (Colleen Wilkie) passed away

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I was about to wish her Happy Birthday and saw dozens of notes from friends and family missing her. She died June 29th, 2010. I loved her profile picture. She was a very lovely person.

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I am so upset to read this. I was wondering why she had not posted in a long time. Her physical and emotional pain are now over, may she rest in peace. It breaks my heart because from her past posts I think her emotional pain from her husband was worse than the physical pain of cancer.

Thank you for letting us know.


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diane - am with you on that! I was sort of shocked to see that - just as you - hopped on to wish her happy birthday, and wow! She only lived a short way from me, and we had vowed to meet, just never had the time (familiar excuse). May she rest in peace.

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I am sorry to read this. I often wondered how she was doing; I know there were issues at home.

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May she be at peace without pain now......

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am sorry too


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I posted a happy birthday message and later Sherrie sent me a message about this. Was there any post from family? I was one of her facebook friends, but I had missed it if there was any post there about it.

She was a lovely person, and I'm glad she's not in pain anymore.


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I'm sorry to hear the news.may she rest in peace.

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