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Chemo Port Questions

Synthroid Cytomel
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Are there any chemo ports that do not have any acivity restrictions after being put in or that I can recover from in a weekend? If I miss any more work or end up on limited duty, I'll lose my job and medical insurance...


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The port I've got is manufactured by BARD. I've had it in for 2 years and have no complaints about movement/activity restrictions. Was never told about ANY restructions even after the outpatient surgery to implant.

Now my job is more a desk type, but I'm not a sitter in any sense of the word. I run, lift heavy weights, move heavy boxes, swim, etc, etc. The only restriction I can see is something laying on top of the port or you putting some type of blunt force on top of it as well. If I think about it, I never changed my lifestyle after receiving the port.

What type of job do you have which makes you think about restrictions due to the port?

Might I suggest calling your doctor or the facility which implanted the port and ask further questions.

Good luck!!

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I have a regular - not power - port and like Jan, have had no problems or restrictions. I trained and took very physically rigorous ecotrip with the port in - no problems. I love it. After surgery I sang in a concert the next day!! I think you will be fine, a little sore at first, but fine and able to work.

Hang in there & take these little bumps in stride - you will get through this. Mary Ann

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I had a power port and had no restrictions. I never felt it when moving, etc. Never hurt. It is an outpatient procedure and you will be up and out of the out patient area before you know!


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I have a regular port. I have had it for five years (and still have it). I have no restrictions. Although I was given a card to carry to say that I have it. I am a stomach sleeper and I can sleep on my stomach (although I didn't for several months after it was put in). Sometimes you can feel a pinch or two at first. The only time it every hurt if someone hit it. My dog jumped on my once and hit it and it kind of stung. But other than that, I don't even notice it. Getting it in is an outpatient procedure like Karen said. It sure is better than getting IV's in all the time because they can also get a blood draw from there too.


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I know people who have had a port inserted in the morning and gotten chemo in it that same afternoon. You should be fine with the weekend to recover from the surgery. I think I went to a ballgame the same evening I had my port inserted. I am thin and boney and have a Power Port that stands up about 1/4" off my chest. (Power Ports are "do-all" ports but they do stand up more than regular ports.) I LOVE my port because I can use it for CT/PET scans and chemo and transfusions and never need to get stuck in my veins any more for anything.

I will share with you a tip that my surgeon gave me: He said that the weight of the breasts & gravity put more strain on a port than anything. He recommended that during the 1st month after the port insertion that I put on a good supportive bra immediately after getting up and don't take it off until I am ready to lie back down into bed. In the beginning I even bought "sleep bras" and wore those at night to keep that 'pull' at a minimum. (I wear those sleep bras now for scans since they have no metal on them anywhere.) Even now, more than a year later, I still keep the straps yanked up on my bras to lessen the pressure on my skin from my port. I'm not busty by any means, but yanking those puppies up does push some extra skin and fat over the port that cushions the strain on the thin layer of skin that covers my port. Charlene, a poster on the Ovarian Cancer Discussion Board had her port break through her skin because she is skinny & boney like me, so I try to be extra careful about wearing good bras that prop me up.

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It's a little uncomfortable at first, but I'm so glad to have it. It spares me the anxiety and pain of IVs, which I hate.

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I took my first three chemos without a port. But with the third chemo it took 5 sticks to get lab and an IV for chemo, so I decided to get a port. I had excellent veins before I started chemo. Since I was going to have the sandwich treatment I figured my veins would recover while I had radiation, and the veins would be good for the last three chemos. I found out that your veins do not recover. Chemo is really hard on the veins. The veins just disappear. Multiple sticks for labs or IV starts are not fun. With a power port it can be used for labs, chemo and for CAT scans, too.

I had my port one day and they used it for chemo the next day. The power port does stick up a little, but has not given me any discomfort. I do not find the stick into the port uncomfortable either. If you do find it uncomfortable there is an EMLA cream that can be applied before they access the port.

I do wonder if there would be any problem using an ab roller for exercising. You do pull up with your arms and I wonder if there is danger of pulling the tubing away from the port. I would like to use an ab roller, but have been afraid of pulling something apart. Anyone have any input on this?

Good luck with your port. In peace and caring.

Kate Grady
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Looking for advise...real, truthful advise that doctors can't give unless they have been through it kind of advise.  I had a port two years ago for chemo treatments and went into respiratory arrest and they had to remove the port.  So now I need to have a port placed for more of a life time medication purpose.  I've been sick since I was five and getting stuck for labs about every six months since then equals out to crappy veins.  My BIG question is....my husband and I were in the process of adopting an infant before all of this came up.  We have since put things on hold because I am not sure how safe it would be to care for a child or myself with having a port.  (babies tug and pick on everything and the risk of infection with poop and puke).  Is there anyone out there who can help me sort this out?  At 36, I just want to be a mom, but not sure if the port would put a stop to that or not.  Any help, support or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

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Lou Ann M
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I have,had the port I have now,for three year and I don't even notice,it anymore.  The tiny sport where they access it,for,chemo heals over in a day or two.  Mine is just a small bump that is hardly noticeable.  i usually feel comfortable sitting in my hot tub with in a few,days.  I would think that if you sanitized and,just used good cleanliness measures that everything should be fine.  A head butt from a baby migh hurt though..  it can easily be covered with a water proof bandage for the first day of two,after it,was,accessed.  

Hugs nd prayer, Lou Ann

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I am sorry you've had such a long road with this and sorry to hear you had a problem with a port in the past.   I had a smart port installed just after my 2nd chemo (June 2016) and before my 3rd due to extreme pain with the sticks - they think chemo made my nerves sensitive.  Anyway, it's under the skin about the size of a nickle.  I put lido cream on it and cover with plastic wrap just about 30 min before anticipated poke and it's been a huge RELIEF!!!  It was super sore at first but as time has gone on it only is painful if bumped... our doggies tend to hit it once in a while. 

I was super careful when first installed to avoid infection and just after being stuck same reason but I have never had a problem.  I intend to leave it in though I am no longer treating- yay!  Finished Sept. 21, 2016.  I am having it flushed today for the 1st time since I saw my Dr. on Oct. 19 and was NED Laughing  I think of it as my buddy and am SO THANKFUL FOR IT!!!!!!

I hope that helps.  I can't see any reason for it to stop me from doing anything I want to do.  Prayers and (((HUGS))) for you <3 <3

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Same as Nellsing about the lidocaine. It really helps. Mine is a power port and it has been in for almost a year. I'm currently NED, so I'm not getting chemo now, but I intend on keeping it in as this cancer has a nasty way of reoccurring. The port causes me no problems at all, thankfully.

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I've had my port since April. I wouldn't do chemo any other way. The lidocaine is magical. I'm done with chemo but will keep my port indefinitely because of the risk of reoccurrence. It really comes in handy if you have to get contrast with an MRI, etc or a blood test where they can access it (I've been in the hospital a

couple times not related to cancer. You just have to get it flushed regularly if not in active treatment. They told me every 12 weeks. 

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Kate, I would strongly recommend getting another port if you didn't have any trouble with it the first time. I love mine and was so glad to have it during treatment.

My infusion nurses never use any kind of numbing cream when they access it. It hurts for a second and then nothing. Now that frontline is over, I get it flushed every 6 weeks. That may be more often then some others but I appreciate having that level of contact with an important part of my support group now that treatment is over.

Hoping all goes well for you with your medications and your adoption. Kim

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Those of you not in active treatment, how often do you get your port flushed?  My doctors say every 12 weeks is ok, and especially because I'm on Coumadin. But that seems Like a long time. 

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for me.

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The port manufacturer (Power Port) says every 4 weeks but while I was off of chemo my onc's office said 5-6 weeks. 

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I had my port removed but while I had it, they said every 8 weeks.

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This range of schedules for port flushing is kind of funny. I was worried about the fact that my doctor's office was extended it two weeks past what the port manufacturer recommended!


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I'm having my powerport flushed every 3 months. They said I could go over by a couple weeks when my next appointment is schedule, but I said I'd rather have it flushed on schedule. So I'm going to have a special appointment just for a flush. I'm a little paranoid since I had a blood clot 9 years ago. I like to be cautious.

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is out now but it was flushed every 12 weeks.  I also thought of it as my buddy.

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