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One (of many) items coming from current ASCO GI symposium :if practical,don't delay chemo after surg

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For best results,adjuvant chemo should "begin as soon as practical after surgery," within four weeks if possible....."{T}he benefits of chemotheraphy that begins more than three months after surgery are uncertain....."

For complete story:www.medpagetoday.com/MeetingCoverage/ASCOGI/24512

Other reports coming from this conference include various clinical trials for potential CRC drugs, such as Tivozanib;ARQ 197;NPC-1C (Ensituximab)

as well as items on new tests for recurrence risk for stage I and II by a company called Everist Genomics; another test reported on, Oncotype DX, is for assessing risk of recurrence in T3 stage II colon cancers with intact mismatch repair.......

One of these days..........


  • John23
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    "For best results,adjuvant chemo should "begin as soon
    as practical after surgery," within four weeks if possible...."

    I for the life of me, don't know why they don't just administer it
    at birth.......

    Best of health!


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    Let me add this summation from that link:

    ".....Assuming that the estimate depends on a time to adjuvant chemotherapy
    of four weeks, the patient would have an estimated five-year survival of 55%.... "

    ".....Noting the 45% estimated five-year survival without chemotherapy......"

    That means doing chemo vs doing nothing after surgery, provides
    a possible advantage of a whopping 10%. But that's -not- taking into
    consideration, the neurological problems, chances of "second cancers",
    heart and vascular problems, and other problems associated with the
    toxic effects of chemo. People do die of "cancer related" causes.

    Ten Percent advantage. And they're being very, very generous with
    that estimate, since in reality, the advantage is actually about 2%.
    (and yes, it's well documented).

    We choose our paths with our best interests in mind, but we should
    know the real, true facts when making that choice.

    There was a motto I always loved:

    "Where there is no vision, the people perish"

    Please, use the natural ability to see through and beyond?