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Daughter 46 has advanced colon cancer

Nancy MS
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I yoyo between hope and despair, according to her newest scan results. Her husband does all medical appointments, and I help with the 11 yr. old when help is needed, which isn't often. She is on her third different chemo drug; she is so brave, always going into work when she can. We do talk, but not enough for me. She is so busy with the kids (older one is 15) and their activities----says she wants to do things herself when she can. The yoyoing is taking a toll on me---I am 72 and in good health. My son was killed at 32, 15 years ago. I know that pain of loss.

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My hubby has advanced colon cancer. Go over to the Colorectal Cancer Board, wealth of information there. They will help explain things to you. Both patients, caregivers and family are most welcome there.

There are many living with and surviving colorectal cancer and you can read their stories by just clicking on their names.

Take care - Tina

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